With a signature sound, an ever improving drive, and the tenacity to make the dream a reality, Sicadia combines the best of head-banging, singing along, and dancing your ass off into what is the sound of the new underground.


Founded by Matthew Smith in 2007, Sicadia, came from humble beginnings. A joint effort between Smith and a few friends who also wanted to get into music. Matthew’s angst, determination, and focus is what has kept Sicadia afloat since the band’s inception, nay he “is” Sicadia, composing most of the main melodies, and writing and perfecting each lyric, and pressing onward even in the wake of line-up changes and set-backs, never once faltering in his resolve to one day make Sicadia sung from every town across the map. Though seemingly reserved otherwise, on stage Smith is a venerable machine of raw energy that demands attention and awe, his licky guitar playing combined with his rough tenor voice a truly once in a life-time listen.
After the departure of the original drummer, Annabeth Connaughy picked up the sticks and started with the band in 2009, with her tenure ending in summer 2012. Her dedication and heart setting the standard for what would become the foundation of what Sicadia is today. Her unique and thumping drum beats and precise use of cymbals made her a force to be reckoned with, and her style all her own.
Since then Leah Gable has taken up the sticks, learning all of the established material and then some, going through multiple auditions and growing and growing in musical prowess. She has proven herself more than worthy and has earned her place as the heart-beat of Sicadia.
Siciadia’s dirty alt-rock sound was sealed with the addition of bassist Alex Gable in 2011, replacing previous bassist Drew Wheeler. Alex brought with him a fresh outlook on much of the composure, expanding on each song, while maintaining a perfect mix of harmony, edge, and groove in his bass lines. His unique character has made him much beloved within the band and beyond with his sense humor and comradeship.
After many successful shows as a three piece, the decision was made to add a second guitar player to bring some new flavor and fullness to the sound. After sifting through many auditions and many guitarists who joined then promptly flaked out, Noah Pleskach was chosen to fill the position. After two auditions, and a guest appearance with the band, he has continued to refine and establish his place within the ranks of Sicadia, bringing with him a bit of music theory, a bit more melody, a bit more vocals, a blazing solo or two, a bit of nerdiness, and a head of lush flowing hair!
From inside their practice space, dubbed "The Milkhouse", Sicadia has gone from cover songs to the cover page making a name for themselves in the local club scene, aside great and talented bands to match, both local and national. We released our debut album in March 2011 and are set to release a sophomore album in late 2012.


Sicadia (Self Titled Debut) -March 2011