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"Bleed Seraphim Review"

SICARUS is an amazing metal act out of California. Their unique style has elements from bands like Iron Maiden, Shadows Fall, and Killswitch Engage. The vocals are the outstanding aspect of this band. The high, clean vocals are masterful and will be a breath of fresh air to old school metal fans. They have numerous vocal harmonies, which are a step above everything else. Their mix of raw, heavy vocals and clean vocals is put together well in each song, which is a hard thing to do. The drums are a constant attack on your senses. Fast double bass kicks, blast beats, and thundering symbol crashes keep the head banging through each song. The guitars are a great mixture of old school thrash and new school breakdowns. The solo's are simply unique and simply great. This band's first demo, Bleed Seraphim, is a phenomenal metal assault, that all metal fans should want to get their hands on as soon as possible. If this band sticks around, they will be a force in the future. Their music will allow them to tour with bands of many styles and still get a great response from the fans. I will definitely be on the lookout for this band and everyone else should be as well. Horns up to Sicarus!
~Metal Mark McPhee - Target Auduence Magazine

"Strength Of All Review"

I have reviewed this band's earlier stuff, and knew that something good was going to come out of Sicarus. Their new EP Strength Of All totally kicked my ass. First off, the production work is phenomenal. They definitely spent a good amount of money for a good cause. The track "Changing Faces" starts quietly with a nice guitar part followed by soft vocals, but then rapidly turns into a blistering pace of guitar thrashing and pounding double bass. The verses are backed by a headpounding riff with vocals that cry to the heavens. The whole song moves very well from part to part, and transitions are sometimes the hardest part to songwriting, but not to this band. The next track "Breaking Free" is an onslaught of true metal right from the beginning. The technical guitar parts catch your attention right away. The chorus on this song is very catchy, and gives the crowd the chance to chant along with the vocals at a live gig. The screams in this song are brutal and my horns raise everytime they pound through my speakers. This is the most complete song in my eyes off this EP. It's definitely a song to catch the eyes of labels and unaware fans by surprise. The title track "Strength Of All" is a song right up my alley. The hints of Machine Head at the beginning of the track bring an evil smile to my face. The riffs race through the air and are unrelentless in the verses. The guitar part behind the chorus is smart as hell, as it follows the vocals perfectly. Back into the verse, the head continues to bang and then the breakdowns create havoc inside your soul. The end breakdown may break your neck, but it's worth it. Brutality at its finest! Between the clean and screaming vocals, there is a nice balance in this band, because it accents the songwriting in each track perfectly. The vocals are such a strongpoint, you wonder why this band is not huge yet. The guitar solos are just exceptional as well. From sweeping, to shredding, this band has it all. For fans of old school metal, guitar shredding, mindnumbing solos, and crucial breakdowns, this band is for you. I just hope they make it to Atlanta sometime so I can destroy some pits to this music live. HAILS!"
~Metal Mark McPhee - Target Audience Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



SICARUS is a 5 piece metal band based out of San Diego CA that takes some influences from the likes of Killswitch Engage, Iron Maiden, Bullet For My Valentine and All That Remains. The music of SICARUS has been described as having “… a nice balance…because it accents the songwriting in each track perfectly. The vocals are such a strongpoint, you wonder why this band is not huge yet. The guitar solos are just exceptional as well…”

In 2009 alone the band has shared the stage with acts such as 3 Inches of Blood, Napalm Death, Kataklysm and Toxic Holocaust and as a result of the enormous hard work and regular ticket pre-sales of 100-150, the band are first priority on opening slots for national acts at local venue SOMA. Other recent achievements include receiving major radio and internet radio airplay, having their music distributed to hundreds of thousands of fans through Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs magazines and launching the bands official website Through dedicated work ethic and self motivation SICARUS are proving to the world that their music stands out above others in this industry of copy cat metal.

Now that the band has a strong foot hold in San Diego, SICARUS has established a plan for the remainder of 2009 which includes touring the south west region to market themselves in other areas. Additionally, a 2 month international marketing campaign is scheduled for June 2009 which will address 18 countries, targeting all forms of media to help promote the band, escalate music and merchandise sales and ultimately create enough buzz to generate interest from record labels and music publishers.

2009 is the year for SICARUS to make their mark on the world and the band has made every effort to ensure success. The music itself appeals to listeners from a variety of musical genres and continues to impress time after time. “…From sweeping, to shredding, this band has it all. For fans of old school metal, guitar shredding, mind numbing solos, and crucial breakdowns, this band is for you…” ~Metal Mark McPhee, Target Audience Magazine