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The best kept secret in music



Sicboy - Tease

Much like the album suggests, this is nothing but a tease for better and more things to come. Struggling as a band isn`t easy and most bands don`t last two months let alone since `96 when Sicboy was formed. One only has to look at their bio sheet on their website to see the massive history and incredible experiences that they`ve notched on their walking sticks but it all inevitably adds up to this EP. Sicboy expands their vocal capabilities adding impeccable range that will only endear their army of fans and gain new ones with ease. Some may be surprised with the element of hard rock radio friendliness but out of all the Sicboy releases thus far this is not just their most accessible but also their most talented from end to end. Like other stalwart albums by their more heavily financed counterparts in the music industry they don`t spend too much of the spotlight on any one element, which makes for an intelligent and spacious sound. “M80” could be the next big hit that WHFS or KROC “breaks” but it also will find a happy home among those elitist indie college radio geeks, which in my mind is the single most exceptional success a band can have. Inspiring others while expunging the grief that inevitably comes with “dude your sound is so different, you sold out.” Sicboy no doubt will enjoy success and here`s to another seven years!
- J-Sin

"CT Music"

Sicboy - Tease

I had a feeling I would like Sicboy's new CD Tease as soon as I opened the package. I mean, the cover had a very sexy pair of legs on it staring right at me (and the back of the CD was even better). Having a guitar player named Ant is also a tell-tale sign of a cool band. My intuition wasn't all that far off.

I initially popped this CD in while at work on a Saturday. What I was doing at work on the weekend was beyond me. I was not a happy camper. The music instantly lifted my mood. Born Again had a nice hard edge to it. I felt like banging my head against my desk (in a good way, that is). My favorite song was definitely M80. There was just something intangible about it that hit me the right way.

Definitely check out this 4-song CD. Make it a belated holiday present. On the Steven R. Brooks, Esq. headbanger's scale, I give it 8 ½ bangs of the head out of a possible 10. I can see why this band has earned all the accolades that it has.
- Steve Brooks

"East Coast Romper"

Sicboy - Tease

I'm enjoying the new sound of Connecticut based band SICBOY much more these days. The new EP really sets a new "mood" to the guys sound. Opening track BORN AGAIN has a dark chemistry to it. with a slow pace to a heavy pounding chorus it grabs your attention and keeps you intrigued. AWAKE slows it down a beat with a melodic rock tone, vocally embracing and rather "pretty" in a rock way. The chorus picks up a bit and intertwines with more fierce vocal patterns back to the sentimental singing. M80 showers you with heavier action with a more hard-core atmosphere due to the aggressive vocals that jump at you form time to time. ENDLESS GREY is another slower melodic piece of work. SICKBOY has done away with the samples and electronica they had on older discs and uses more rock additives and shows off the defining vocal drive that really will put TEASE on the map for the highly elite unsigned acts out there. I really think they have a more earthy, hard rock, melodically driving EP on their hands and we will hear a lot of them in 2003.
- Stephanie Stevens


Sicboy - Self Titled (Demo) - released April 1998

Sicboy - Artificial Flavors (LP) - released October 2000, Attack Records.

Sicboy - Tease (EP) - released December 2002, Independent.

Single released to radio - 'Myself' (Artificial Flavors) - Fall/Winter 2000-2001


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in late summer of 1996 out of the New York City suburb of Stamford, Connecticut, Sicboy is a band striving to be original, in a period of music that begs to differ. Sicboy released their debut album Artificial Flavors across North America in October 2000 under the label Attack Records. The band is presently promoting the release of a follow up EP entitled Tease (Fall 2002) produced independently by Sicboy and Darius Szczepaniak (Sum 41, Black Crowes, Barenaked Ladies).

Sicboy is: John Tate (vocals), Ant Valenzisi (guitars), Larry Settembrini (guitars), Drew Trudeau (bass), and Chris Trudeau (drums). Their style of music is tough to describe, because of their broad range of influences. Influences that encompass the music spectrums of classical music to heavy rock, and artists like Portishead, Elliot Smith, Radiohead, the deftones, and Helmet. They liken their sound to be diverse, and they achieve it by blending the best of many worlds. With guitars that deliver a full spectrum of sounds, a rhythm section that is dense and subsonic, and a singer who 'can' sing, and when needed, roar, Sicboy express themselves anyway they can.

Their goal is to make music at a level at which they can reach a wide range of people but remain artistic and classy. They feel their music can be a breath of fresh air to an industry that needs to be relieved from the gasping chokehold that radio friendly "music" seems to have on it. Sicboy is very optimistic about their future and what's in store for them. They constantly work hard at writing new music and developing into a band with longevity and integrity. The band also heavily promotes themselves via the Internet, their growing street team, live shows, and other avenues, developing a strong following in the process.

Artificial Flavors (2000-2001) received an extensive mail-out to CMJ & Gavin Reporting Radio Stations across North America with specific advertising and press coverage. The Artificial Flavors promotional campaign included features on Takeoutmusic, MCY, Liquid Audio, Loudside, Play J and EverAd! The band has also received mention in articles published in The New York Times, Fairfield Weekly, Connecticut Post, The Norwalk Hour, Stamford Advocate and