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Sick Morrison

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Welcome To Burlesque Show, Brand new album of Sick Morrison"

Sick MC Morrison is a native of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon with a foot well planted in the production of alternative rap more than five years ago. Praxis, as is well known, was the first MC's in the generation of the Battle of the Roosters five and six years ago (responsible for forming the scene of the current national rap) to make a kind of rap with an abstract personality and decidedly experimental . Albums like Psycho Triller (2008, in collaboration with BeatProphessor) or Lo-Psych Acid Trip (2011), were progressive proposals in the picture when they saw the light.
But those were other times and a couple of weeks ago, Sick Morrison gave his fourth album, The Burlesque Show, where the concept is simple, but perhaps more ambitious: ten themes that can function as the top ten drinks of alcohol in the bar of a bar. Or ten drinks to forget the women who did suffer. Or something like whipped as landscapes of a Casanova in Xanax. Rap with high doses of nostalgia.
The album was released on the label with the country riskier, PIR Records ▲ .md musical approach, and has the color of a glass of bourbon backlit. Music dawn, which itself serves as a pretext to continue taking it as fuel for heartbreak. Erotic fantasy in magenta tones is well made, using all the resources you have the art of making good hip hop, from the album cover, the concept is clear; and scratches, vocal samples, excerpts from films, collaborations, and letters with fast images as a convertible touring the collective psyche of our time, render round.
The Burlesque Show also seems to function as a testament to the depression of an artist with a journey whose quest is to be himself on the tracks. Instead of Praxis, Prax Pills. The only joke is told.
It features beats Yercce, Wk, Gramatik, JarsMan, Cybereality, MererBeats t IvyClub but it seems that they were made by a single person, for consistency in the sound stays along the 1st cuts, which speaks of a delicate work and simmered. The mastering was done in Rome by Charon and JarsMan Studios and collaborate with raps Double Dee (Hood P) and Wk. - Red Bull Panamérika

"Fresh Shit of Mexican Rap"

I met Jorge, aka Praxis, alias Sick Morrison around 2007 when I was judge of the Battle of the Roosters in the only glorious times has given the Mexican freestyle. Everything else has been an attempt, sometimes well done, sometimes pathetic, to revive a less hackneyed past. He was among those who participated in the contest, and remains one of the most worthy representatives of the rap made ​​in Monterrey. In those times, Praxis was almost the only MC's Mexican interested in making alternative rap, it was an obsessed Definitve Jux (the label founded by El-P) and was kind enough to take some of the most important precedents of abstract hardcore at home : rap lines of cocaine as the old to the link you wanted to stayed but chose continue sucking, rap and sleeping pills ... not teenagers. Especially the disc removed in 2008 in collaboration with BeatProphessor, should come immediately and without formalities, high quality classic: Thriller Piscótico. I listen to people like Lirika Inverza in 2014, compared with this album that came out five years earlier, and I can give a robust shelved without much guilt. In 2011 I drove it around another disk to which many also profess great affection: Acid Trip Lo-Psych, well fine dark depressive teen hardcore junkie.
This year, Sick Morrison decided to deliver an album that sounds like something else: The Burlesque Show, the fourth plate in a career that has simmered. The only characteristic that unites his new album with the above is the teacher's ability poetic Morrison, distinguished by its cynicism and abstraction, erudite references and natural agility. But the album as a final product, by comparison, is round, with an atmosphere that is true throughout its ten cuts and a really simple concept: take, the old, the night; one of the most used sources of inspiration in the history of popular music which is usually not the most ever. Also the sound of the record is different beats to undress models in a photo shoot, an open dialogue with the soul and even a little jazz with saxophones eighties to Chuck Magnione, a touch of G-Funk and a little drama na more because. It is also an album that makes use of all the resources at his hand producing rap: samples, vocal samples, live instrumentation, scratches, and excerpts from films, returning to Show Burlesque an example of how a good album rap, not only verses, but these are just one of its elements. I especially liked the scratch Zaque Voice in "She Cool Are", a nod / tribute that nobody had happened and one of the best rolas that has come in the Mexican rap this year: Molliere disciple and Tesko Suicide in the same couplet, Damn! That's kinda cool son! - Noisey / Vice



Jorge Luis Gallardo aka Sick Morriso is a Mc Alternative Hip Hop of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico  who heard the rap coincidentally fledged in late 2003  under many influences from Influenced by bands like / PjHarvey / Creedence / BlackSabbath / Misfits / Radiohead / Pulp / Bjork .... 

After years of going further this culture and after a while of listening and write his first songs in 2008 released his first demo 'After 9 Months' produced by 'Dj Shamo' the same year the first LP in collaboration  with 'Beatprophesor' calling 'Psychotic Thriller' on what was ahead of his  time and it is certainly one of the most advanced and innovative discs  has given the Mexican rap in the same year as a semifinalist in the  Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, appearing in several scenes of the country  from pubs to national festivals being an 'independent artist'  no record until it was piramid records netlabel, which begins the  help with some promotion and various internet radio stations  from Spain, France and Japan. 

    Undoubtedly one of the most prolific of Mcs Mexico with a sound  characteristic of both the letters and each material  has launched concepts and risking no fear  Alternative Rap carry all kinds of ears provided with the vision and this proposal can be as dark, ironic, sarcastic and with that phrase every acid in touch, inspired rappers like Slug of Atmosphere, Eyedea, Aesop Rock and El-P.

  Currently on tour promoted their latest material 'Burlesque Show'  in different parts of the country which has caused the stir, good acceptance  and remarkable maturity in Sick Morrison, with those quirky lyrics that evoke  from references to movies, books, existentialism and existential narrating in each subject the most trivial to the most ironic. 



After 9 Months (Demo) (2008) 

Psychotic Thriller (Project in collaboration with Beat Prophfesszor.) (2008) 

Misconduct EP 2011 

Acid Trip Lo-Psych 2011 

Sico Sextape Halloween 2013 

 Show de Burlesque 2014

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