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"My Insignificant other gets rave reviews"

Sick As Monday
My Insignificant Other

Fledgling or indie bands take note: If you want to get attention, put out your work with a killer cover. The cover photo of this new Sick As Monday disc certainly qualifies; moody, sexy yet tasteful, and mysterious, the cover art simply screams "play this disc."

For a virtually undiscovered band, Sick As Monday's sound melds everything from rock to metal to punk to emo to classic rock to vintage vocal groups to create their own indefinable style – and that's a good thing. In a region where a lot of the bands are starting to sound like Taking Permanent Automatica, the Sick sound is wholly original and more than a little pleasing to the ear. And, great googa mooga, you can dance to it.

The guitars here shimmer and rock righteously, with Paulo Xavier and Jim Gerovac (also lead vocalist) melding their steely sounds into a warm riff stew. "Say It's Over" sounds like a single from the Scandal era, with a thwarted lover's screams bellowing over pure, unbridled rock – more than a little stunning.

The influences mount while sounds totally new and fresh; "Otherside" screams from the speakers like late period BTO before settling into a bluesy, dreamy tempo – which then shifts gears into more pure rock. Rhythm section Dave Scarsella (bass) and Jimi Tassone (drums) are like a good boxing referee on this cut; they're scarcely noticeable, but they hold the entire tune in check. In fact, both Scarsella and Tassone never overplay or resort to rock clichés on the disc, which easily qualifies as sort of a Long Island benchmark. This is obviously an accomplished and professional rhythm section.

Vocalist Gerovac must be the confident sort, and he should be; throughout the disc, the lead vocals are recorded with just the slightest hint of effects such as reverb. His strong, emotive style pushes the band into major league status, and with such strong compositions as "Hello" and "Confession" to buoy them, the only thing sick about Sick As Monday will be the trail of broken bands they leave in their wake – they're that good.

Sick As Monday's My Insignificant Other is available now at For more information on the band, log on to
– Syl Nathan - Good Times Magazine

"Sick As Monday Winners!!! Best Rock Band!!! of The 2004 NY International Music Festival"

Sick As Monday
(reprinted from Good Times Magazine issue 902 Nov-Dec 2004)

Long Islanders Sick As Monday's three-song EP is an exciting effort from a young band who has thrown a pail of freezing water into the face of an original music scene that could certainly use a wake-up call.

The disc fades up on a high note as "Fingernails" (note: later renamed to Say It's Over) answers the bell with a guitar call that is reminiscent of how Gun's n' Roses brought us into "Welcome To The Jungle."

Singer/guitarist Jim Gerovac surfs the hook-heavy chorus, taking his voice from nasty lows to mean falsetto in zero-to-sixty fashion. Bassist Dave Scarsella and drummer Jimi Tassone keep the Sick As Monday drive in overdrive while Paulo Xavier brings an added dimension to the guitar parts.

"Nothing's Here" follows, with a foundation that is more grunge that straightforward rock. Scarsella's fret slides kick start a tidal wave, while sustained open guitar chords carry Gerovac's vox through another power-pop chorus.

"Easier To Live With" shows the softer side of the boys, and exposes Gerovac as a frontman with the ability to conform his tone to the matter at hand. The tune is the most commercially targeted of the three and proves Sick As Monday to be a band that can rule with an iron fist and an open heart.

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review by Dan Brown - Good Times Magazine

"Reviews of 'Say It Over'"

Reviews of 'Say its Over' by

1. Bands like this need exposure!!
Good jam. Drums drive this mofo
with the guitars. Gotta go lay down it rocked me that hard SWEET JOB!!
- SeismicDrummer from Detroit, Michigan on Oct 3, 2005

2. By far the best hook I've heard on thus far. Good job!
- musician ecs from Dallas, Texas on Oct 3, 2005

3. This is one of the best songs I have heard. I really liked the lyrics and it was a really good beat. The guitars were really good and its a great song to rock out to. I really like the vocals too, great voice.
- lettersonmysoul from Nottellingstalker, California on September 29, 2005 -

"My Insignificant Other"

Reviewer: Angela

These boys are a breath of fresh air! They have a great combination of some kick ass rock n roll along with the fact that they are some of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet. Buy the cd, see their shows....whatever you do, DON'T miss out on this band! You won't be sorry!

Reviewer: Rocktalk

My Insignificant Other came out of the wrapper swinging. From the moment I pushed play I was catapulted into Rock-n-Roll past, present and future. From the poppy So Long, to the heartfelt Warm, all the way thru the growling Nothing's Here. The lyrics are thoughtful, the music is intense and the band really ROCKS! I especially like Heroin's raw moody screams and I was surprised by its chorus. I'm not so into the last track Heal, but hey, it shows these guys are willing to try different things and good for them. Overall the record is just what I'm looking for in a current Rock-N-Roll band.

Reviewer: Jeanine

This is the way music should be going. If you are looking for an answer to today's no-talent, run-of-the-mill bands...then treat yourself to some music that will get your blood that features actual musicians. Pick up My Insignificant Other! From the catchy chorus to the excellent drum track, and the great guitar work, My Insignificant Other just clicks! I just can't find a weak song on the album.

Reviewer: John Bossung

Buy the damn thing now so that in a few years you can show people that you were in the know. Regardless of musical preference this cd gives you what you need to hear. The vocals are hypnotic and will stay with you long after the cd is over. Dave and Jimi's pounding rythm's will make you feel like your swaying to a great acid trip,while Jim and Paulo's guitar work send you to the limits of the audio spectrum and back again. This perfect blending of music is almost too exceptional for a band this new!
- CdBaby Reviews


Sick As Monday - My Insignificant Other - full length release, May 2006

Sick As Monday - Subject to Change - 5 song EP, Oct 2004

Sick As Monday - Self titled - 3 song EP, Jan 2004

Selected cuts from 'My Insignificant Other' can be heard at: (say its over- 3 weeks at #1)



Based in NY city, the band was formed in 2003 and consists of 4 musicians combining personal and musical backgrounds from New York, Indiana, and Brazil to create a new yet familiar sound.

The music is intense emotional rock transcending age groups and musical tastes. The songs are filled with instant hooks, catchy choruses, and driving rhythms, without sacrificing heart, or resorting to tired cliches. Their live shows have captivated a variety of different audiences throughout the east coast, earning the band a reputation as a must see attraction. This has generated a growing legion of dedicated fans (or sickos) that scream, shout, cry, and sing along turning every show into a memorable and exciting experience.

Preparing to record their first full album in late 2004 sick as monday ambitiously decided to rent a house in Wantagh Long Island away from the hustle of the city, build a studio and record their album, their way. Nine months of tireless, blood sweat and tears turned into the 11 song masterpiece “my insignificant other”. The album has landed the band four songs on local and independent radio, as well as thousands of plays, downloads, and hits on various internet radio and music websites including Myspace, Pure Volume, and I Tunes. The band has been sharing local and national stages with acts like Skid Row, Powerman 5000, Pride, and Papa Roach.

Within three months the band was filling clubs and watching their fan base triple. This success led to them being invited to perform at the 2004 New York International Music Festival where they were voted “Best Live Band” and “Favorite Rock Band” by a panel of industry professionals. The following year they were invited back as special guests for a performance and showcase. Just one year later they accomplished this same feat when they were invited to perform (and stole the show) at the Northshore Cruefest in Cleveland OH, and are now invited to do the same at the 2007 Cruefest in Chicago. Also in 2006 “So Long” their first single (and new video) from their debut album spent three months in the top ten (voted by listeners worldwide) on with two weeks at number one.

sick as monday is busy performing throughout the NY, NJ, PA areas and is currently scheduling a national tour for 2007.

The audience base, as determined via mailing list and sales demographics is wide ranging from the “under 18” to “18 - 40 yrs” age groups. sick as monday is considered a crossover rock band with songs ideal for modern rock, pop rock, and alternative rock formats.