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Sick Circus

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rock band Sick Circus hoping to hit the big time with Revolver show on Friday."

REVOLVER is hoping to help a local rock band make it big this Friday (August 20).
Local hopefuls, Sick Circus will be performing at the Birkenhead venue watched by representatives from influential Spinefarm Records.

The label already boast Nightwish, Dragonforce and Killing Joke among their acts.
Keith Thompson of Revolver said: “We have a fine reputation for tribute bands and we are also keen to work with major record companies in their efforts to blood new talent.”

The gig will be attended by one of the most influential A&R men in the industry, Dante Bonutto and Wirral rock fans are invited to come along and make some valuable noise.
Keith said: “We’re really hopeful that we can help this talented band along and keep Wirral on the map.
“Motorhead, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden all played here before they hit the big time and we’re confident we can help Sick Circus do the business.”
Sick Circus formed in August 2008 and are heavily influenced by 80s “hair metal” bands. - Lorna Hughes, Birkenhead News

"Sick Circus - 'Self Titled' (Self Released)"

Okay, I'm suspicious as sometimes bands really do fit the bill in looks and promo attitude but fail to deliver when it comes to the good stuff - i.e., the music.

I'll make no bones about it and really don't give a fuck if you're reading this and disagree but the fact is, back in the day we all gave a fuck about what our favourite bands looked like until that trigger happy, stupid daughter naming, knob jockey Cobain came along with his plaid shirt and non star attitude that made people think you can't look good AND still be able to play AND smile. Yeah, that's right I said it. Fuck 'em.

After listening to this debut from Liverpool band Sick Circus, I had to go and check my calendar, make sure I wasn't still at school (stop sniggering at the back) and generally give myself a reality check.

The reason? This sounds like a prime slice of 80's rock that slipped through our grasp.

With band member names such as Anthony and Michael Lothario, River Valentine, Kyle Taylor and Slane Kitson, they really do tick the 'product' boxes that us sleaze, cock rock and 80's fans enjoy.

This self-titled 7 track Demo/EP is hands down the best UK act I've heard attempting this style of rock. For once not sounding like the usual GN'R, Crue clones dressed in black but instead a more melodic approach akin to Tora Tora, Great White or Van Halen.

With a whail and a half to start proceedings, 'Adrenaline Junkie' (which is the weakest track) kicks us in with a Steel Panther style song that shows their intent but it's after that track that they start to show us that we could really be in for a treat. 'Forever Feelin' This Way' is prime 80's catchy, hook laden rock, 'House Of Pain' could be an Extreme track (yeah, they did some good stuff too, you fickle bunch!) ,'Down In The Hallows' starts with a heavy riff that continues throughout pretty much all of the song and we're talking Skid Row circa 'Slave To The Grind'. 'XIX (19)' slows it down for the obligatory ballad (they know the rules) and I'm already holding my lighter aloft in triumph. 'When I'm Gone (It Tears Me Apart)' strangely reminds me of Shed Seven but I always liked those indie fuckers, so I'm all in.

Serious ability, quality songs, great image and I bet they fuckin' rock live.

Sick Circus, CD #79/100 made me write this review. Help make sure they get to produce more next time, tell them Uber Rock sent you.

I'm smiling because that's what this genre makes you do when done so well. Fucking A+ - Ross Welford


In February 2010, Sick Circus released their self-titled E.P/Demo which includes 7 tracks, such as:
- 'Adrenaline Junkie'
- 'Forever Feelin' This Way'
- 'House Of Pain'
- 'In My Cell'
- 'Down In The Hallows'
- 'XIX' (19)
- 'When I'm Gone (It Tears Me Apart)'.

There was only 100 limited edition CD copies produced, but it is now available in the following retailers via MP3:
- iTunes (US, Aus/NZ, Canada, UK/Europe, Japan, Mexico)
- Amazon MP3
- eMusic
- Fox News
- GetGreenMusic
- GetPlaylists
- iLike
- Immergent
- InMotion Entertainment
- Intertech Media
- La Curacao
- Last FM
- MediaNet
- Moozone
- MySpace
- Napster
- Rhapsody
- Secure Media
- Spotify
- Synacor
- Tesco
- WaTunes
- Zune

In October 2010, Sick Circus released their first music video, which was of their track 'In My Cell'.



Liverpool, UK based Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band Sick Circus formed in August 2008 and are heavily influenced by 80's "hair metal", classic rock and heavy metal.

Sick Circus really do take it back to the days when you simply had to be good at all factors, being performance, image, technical ability, professionalism and not for getting most importantly....great songs!

Sick Circus is:
- Michael Lothario - Lead vocals
- Antony Lothario - Lead guitar
- River Valentine - Rhythm guitar
- Oli Hazarian - Bass guitar
- Danny Barnes - Drums.