EXPLICIT LYRICS Ghetto Metal ?? Thats what they call their style of music. This band has a great following in the Southern Calif. area. One of the hardest working bands in L.A.,. Their next show is with Korn, Girl Talk and many others Oct. 30th at O.C. Fair grounds.


Ever heard of Ghetto Metal ???
SICKLIFE BIO SickLife was manifested in the summer of 1998 by Jerry Moran (AKA) SICKO. Then hooking up Jason and Javier (former drummer) to form the Heart Pounding, Fist Slamming music that they call Ghetto Metal. Now finding Jesse, Joe ,Jeff and Eric they have the full sound and impact of a freight train!!


The band has just recorded their second CD.

Set List

The bands set is 30 -45 min. in length. We do no covers. All original songs.