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Sick Like Sinatra

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Band Rock Cabaret


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"You Gotta Love Sick Like Sinatra"

Seriously when was the last time you saw a drummer emerge from a giant paper-mache egg? Or found yourself spellbound as a singer was mounted by a tangled fiber optic department store mannequin? Or watch helplessly as a stage at your favorite local music club was menaced by a hover flying saucer? If you've yet to behold the megalomaniacal awesomeness that is Sick Like Sinatra, then it's time to get it together, friend, because you've been missing out. Sick LIke Sinatra, New Orleans' self-proclaimed trio "sex rock crusaders," has been leaving behind sweaty puddles in local venues since 2007 and we here at ANTIGRAVITY think that it's time you got a piece of they're action. "Within our set, we go through several tears of different themes," Sick Like Sinatra's bassist and sex rock dancer, Danny Salzer, told ANTIGRAVITY. "Really, the hold set is about sex and rock and roll, but we drift off into pretty random tangents about space travel and inner-city living. We're working on a new song right now about the hassle of trying to find drugs and what a big waste of time it is. But mostly, our show is all about the sex." And also about the prop. Salzer and band mates Ted Dunaway and Chris Buller spend their time between shows hand-crafting all of the props, costumes, and bizarre devices witch highlight Sick Like Sinatra's live performances. "Right now, the 'electric girlfriend' is really the biggest new thing we have going," said Salzer. She's basically a mannequin that we wired with fiber optics that we interact with during the show. Unfortunately, she didn't work out as planned when we debuted her at last show, (Dec 4, 08) at the Hi-Ho, so we're still tooling around with how to better work with her on stage." Sick Like Sinatra's "Electric Girlfriend" will get another tryout when the band takes the stage at the Blue Nile later this month.
-Brett Schwaner - ANTIGRAVITY


"Sick Like Sinatra" 2008

Booking info:
Eddie Rizzario

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Sick Like Sinatra is a self-proclaimed dance rock troop that was formed in late 2007 by Heber Dunaway, Daniel Salzer, and Christopher Buller. Heber, music creator, producer, has always been on the search to explore his own sound and break away from the monotony of rock and roll nostalgia. After enlisting in a new concept of what it means to perform, Sick Like Sinatra has created a stage performance that has been described by venue patrons only as, “the best thing I have ever seen.” Sick Like Sinatra is on the cutting edge of music, performing, and entertainment. Sick Like Sinatra i.e. "Sick" as in that which pertains to "Sin", lives up to the meaning of its name with wild stage antics that rival the likes of Alice Cooper and old school hip-hop dance moves that the Jackson Five would have imitated.

Heber E. Dunaway a.k.a Ted, a.k.a Sick, was born in Baton Rouge on May 7, 1982. He was taught to play the piano by jazz musician, Alfonz Griffith, when he was seven years old. Deeply influenced during by Madonna, Depech Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and They Might Be Giants. Heber has collected his influences and life experiences to become the creator and front man for Sick Like Sinatra.

Daniel Salzer a.k.a. Sgt. Salzer a.k.a. The Dirty “D” was born December 27, 1981 in New Orleans. Daniel is Sick Like Sinatra’s keyboardist, lead guitarist, and lead troop dancer. Ever since the join of Sick Like Sinatra, Daniel has proceeded to produce a liquidation of sonic pulses felt through rhythmic thrust.

Christopher Buller a.k.a. The Phoenix was born November 24th 1981. Sick Like Sinatra has called upon The Phoenix to Rock as hard as he can. He mans the percussion section of the Rock show and along side Sgt. Salzer seduce the audience with their charming dance moves and provocative antics. Devoted to Sick Like Sinatra since 2005 Christopher Buller was deemed The Phoenix by Sick in a radio Station in Baton Rouge, LA after Hurricane Katrina. Now the Poenix is an apostle of Sick’s Sex Rock crusade and vows not to rest until everyone has been sex rocked.

Sick Like Sinatra has just been signed by JKMP Ent and Big Daddy Booking. (Feburary 2009)