Sickness in the System
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Sickness in the System

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Metal Progressive




"The Local: Bran Money and more"

Change is the lifeblood of music. There are those artists, though, who recycle the same sounds, record after record, and never create any sort of identity for themselves. For Chattanooga metal group Sickness in the System, this evolution has come over time and revealed a more nuanced but still ferocious personality—what started out as an experimental noise metal outfit slowly began to evolve into the melodic metal fury that fans have come to love and expect from the band. They've basically lost the noise but gained a truckload of amperage. The guitars cut into your ears like waves of scalpels while the drums batter away at your chest—although in this instance, that's not such a bad thing.

On their new song, "Disappointed," the band completely subverts our expectations. Instead of the roaring metal chug of past work, they opt for something quieter and more nuanced—and with more piano. The song barely registers above a whisper at times, with a carefully languid piano rhythm underscoring some threadbare vocals and some slight flourishes hanging out in the background. There's no rush, no anticipation, only the calm roll of a fluid melody brushing up against some eerie vocals and a sense of quiet foreboding. It's fascinating to hear a band move so far outside their comfort area and still create something so intensely affecting that still possesses the nerve and grit of their heavier work.

-Joshua Pickard -

"The Local: Strung Like a Horse and more"

Sickness in the System began life as an experimental noise metal outfit but has since evolved into something much more. Although the noise aspect of their music has faded slightly, the hard-hitting guitars and chest-rattling percussive blasts are no less effective. Taking inspiration from such bands as X Japan and System of a Down, they sling ecstatic guitar riffs and lyrical barbs until your ears are raw but still aching to hear more. And the fact that they work a good deal of melodicism into their sound isn't evidence of them abandoning their metal roots—on the contrary, it only goes to show how much can be done within this genre.

On their latest single, "Veins (Radio Version)," the band tears through a hardcore-influenced atmosphere that feels serrated and poison-tipped. Each word is positioned so that they catch on your ears and pull the skin back, leaving you sore and bleeding. But there's more than an overwhelming sense of aggression here; the band has given us a direct and compelling narrative on which to hang their words and noise. And buried beneath all the hiss and body-shaking rhythms, the song is actually catchy in its own blistering way (which isn't an insult) and compounds one feral moment on top of the next in a devastating cycle of repeating melodies and lightning-fast riffs. -


"Kick ass, beat your mother with a cam shaft metal" - Timothy Dean, TDR radio network

"From the first time I heard S.I.T.S' hard hitting guitars and drums of death, I was in love. The low growl of Robbie just adds to the "we're coming straight for you" sound that has been missing with alot of bands." -Dropkick, Deviants Underground Radio

How can I describe such an original piece of sonic art? It's like a disturbing movie projected through headphones and displayed on the screen at the back of of your mind. Johnny Harrison Producer - Sick Lens Productions

How can I describe such an original piece of sonic art? It's like a disturbing movie projected through headphones and displayed on the screen at the back of of your mind. Fans of Heavy Metal,and Horror fans share a common thread. We love to be unnerved... to be forced into facing our darkest fears. With that in mind I encourage you to immerse yourself into the experience that is "Scarecrow's Lament" from S.I.T.S.
Johnny Harrison Producer - Sick Lens Productions - Various publications


Still working on that hot first release.



Sickness in the System is an ever-growing, ever-evolving metal band based in Chattanooga, TN.

 Beginning life as an experimental-noise death metal band, then growing into something more accessible to the public eye, yet no less challenging, they continue to push boundaries both musically and personally. 

 The most defining element of Sickness in the System is their beautifully destructive mish-mash of nearly every "alternative" genre under the sun, from punk, to hardcore, to black metal. They have opened for major acts including EYEHATEGOD, Hair Jordan, OTEP, Insvrgence and many others. 


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