Sick of Talking About It

Sick of Talking About It

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Sonic brutality at it's best... heavy breakdowns and bass drops surrounded by melodic grooves under sung and screamed vocals. Great music and one hell of a live show, Sick of Talking About It delivers a stage performance you won't want to miss.


Started in Minnesota in early 2011, Sick of Talking About It (SOTAI) has actually been in the works for quite some time. Since 2004, Marc (ex- aTrophyHeart, ex- The Last Year (Goodlife Recordings)) has been writing brutal metal mixed with NY-Style hardcore and (gasp!) Emo songs. Without the right group of players, the songs have festered on his hard drive, fermenting, waiting to be unleashed. After failed attempts in Virginia and New York, the songs followed Marc across the country to Minnesota. There, Marc teamed up with drummer Tony and bassist Dusty and started working on the songs. "Sick of Talking About It" is more than a band name... it is their way of life. Before even having a full line up, SOTAI booked a show and found vocalist Gregg (ex- Downcast, ex- Gash Blood) with two weeks to prepare. Their first show was an exercise in brutality, with amazing stage presence and crushing breakdowns. In the crowd that night was Joe, a friend of Dusty's who had originally been asked to play second guitar in SOTAI. After witnessing the fury that is SOTAI's live show, he could deny the position no longer. Since then, SOTAI has been honing their songs, and writing new material, bringing East Coast and MidWest together in the best way possible.


EP Coming Soon