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Sicks Deep



Sicks Deep has spent the past few years vigorously and persistently trudging through the often difficult and brutal terrain of the music industry; experiencing great triumphs, devastating setbacks and everything in between. The Rockland County, New York-based quartet (Kelly Abe; Vocals, Nick Andrews; Drums, Mike Zamir; Guitar and Shane; Bass) spent the majority of 2004 beating-out thousands of Metal and Hardcore bands from around the nation for a slot on MTV’s “Battle for Ozzfest”. The accomplishment, experience and resulting exposure were tremendous for the band. Sicks Deep began touring and headlining shows around the nation in a fashion strikingly dissimilar from that of the typical unsigned band, supporting itself predominantly through merch sales and starvation. However, in ’05, while facing the dark side of “reality show” stigmatization, Sicks Deep lost two of its founding members (Gavin Pirell and Anthony Fallsetti). “Any unsigned Metal or Hardcore band in the world would have taken the opportunity we were given. I have never wished to go back in time and change our decision to participate in the show. It’s just unfortunate that we’ve had to pay additional dues to prove our authenticity, ambition and longevity,” says Vocalist Kelly Abe. 2006 saw SD’s remaining three members writing songs for what will soon be their bone-crushing and trailblazing debut album (title TBA) and picking up a tremendous addition to the band in bassist, Shane Boulos. Demo tracks for the new album were recently recorded at Hollow studios and mixed and mastered at West West Side Music. 2007 promises to be the band’s best year to date. Says Abe, “We’ve stepped our game up massively this year. You’ll be hearing more from us now than ever before.”


NEW! Sicks Deep Demo Tracks (2007) featuring: Headcase; Shades of Pain and True to Life

The Blackacre Sessions EP (2004) featuring: Omnipotence; Proof; Last Rites; Penalty and Brainwash