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In mid 1980, Cynthia Stanley, then a single mother gave birth to a baby boy. Little did she know that this boy would take his birth city by storm a few years later. The government recognizes him as Stanley Wilkins; the streets acclaim him as SICKS GUEVARA.

Similar to many rappers in today’s industry Sicks was born and raised in a poverty stricken, drug infested forgotten inner city. Understanding that their financial situation didn’t allow for an upgrade in zip code Sicks made the best of a negative situation. The streets and the possibility of making fast money always knocked at his door. Though he answered once or twice, Sicks was fully aware of his higher calling.
He was only two years old when he fell in love with sounds of Jazz and Blues. Music from the start was what transcended Sicks from reality to absolute freedom. Bass guitars, saxophones, and heart piercing trumpets helped Sicks release all the agony that came as a result of a missing father. He once said “I couldn’t survive without music. Music saved me from my surroundings”. The pain from an absent father accounts for the majority of children who become statistics. It is this cruel reality that has inspired many of today’s known rappers. However, true to his unique nature, Sicks refused to follow the path in his lyrical career. Against advice of his inner circle, and with real life material to fill the pages of his notebook, Sicks decided this reality wouldn’t be the reason for his success.

Sicks had an unyielding desire to save his family from the tight grasp of poverty with his plans of becoming a star. Yet at age 15 Sicks became a father to little Maurice. He now found himself facing a fork in the road. “Life is Transition” answered Sicks when questioned about his reaction to the news. Which path would he take? Would he answer those persistent knocks he once vowed to ignore, or would he, like his mother, fight against all odds to provide for his child? Again, Sicks’ character continued to shine as it always did in the darkest hours. Though hustling would provide the money he otherwise wouldn’t be able to make as a 15 year old his goals were too high to put at risk. Rap and stardom would now take the backseat to the well-being of his child. He aimed to get an education. He was fully aware that being a so-called professional wouldn’t bring him happiness; however he believed it would allow him to be an exemplary father figure.
The same father figure he desired throughout his childhood.

Sicks wasn’t naïve enough to believe that his choice wouldn’t affect his so-called street credibility. “People have a huge misconception about the phrase street credibility. Street credibility is mastering the art of staying alive while providing for those who depend on you. Many accomplish this by hustling or what have you. I had a different hustle, but it was hustle nonetheless,” Sicks sharply points out. In fact, not only did he decide to continue school while simultaneously providing for his child, he gave his child the family he didn’t have by marrying his long time girlfriend.
At a very young age Sicks was now a father and a husband. Determined to make sure his kid didn’t suffer the same inequities of his childhood, Sicks made sure he did the exact opposite of his father. “Music is in my veins. Marriage and fatherhood placed my personal dreams on hold, NOT stop. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I picked up where I left off. The album Reasonable Doubt helped me to see my new life as ammo, not a burden”. Although marriage didn’t work, his parenting skills improved with time, proving that raising his kids was his #1 priority! The passing years brought new obstacles and new miracles, like the birth of another child, a baby girl named Camryn.
With a new found passion, his dreams were now as real as they were when he wrote “New Born Creators” at age 13. Sicks is a lyrical genius. His word-play and creativity places him in a realm of his own. So, what keeps Sicks motivated after so many years? His desires to create a new face for Miami rappers! Sicks believes that Miami rappers have been commonly placed in two category’s, “Booty Shakers and Dope Dealers”.

In September of 2005 Sicks resumed his dream by recording and releasing his first mixtape entitled Rebel Muzik. In January of 2006 he released Rebel Muzik vol. 2. Shortly thereafter he released The Guevara Code mixtape, only to immediately follow with what I believe to be one of the HOTTEST mixtapes I’ve ever heard Bully, The mixtape. This helped him gain the attention of some industry heavy weights. In short, this young prospect has equipped himself with a pen and pad and is determined to regain the time he has lost. Sicks is currently setting up a promo tour throughout the east coast in search of distribution for his debut album entitled “A Day In the Life Of…” So