McAllen, Texas, USA

Tour #1 June 3 - July 2, 2011

Tour #2 Oct. 23 - Dec. 11, 2011

Tour #3 July 27 - Aug. 12, 2012

Tour #4 Sept. 4 - 26, 2012

Tour #5 Oct. 22 - Nov. 17, 2012

Tour #6 Jan. 5 - March 2, 2013

Tour #7 May 20 - June 15, 2013

Tour #8 June 27 - Aug 4, 2013 (mini tour)

Tour #9 Aug. 28 - Sept. 22, 2013

Tour #10 Nov. 1 - 26, 2013

Tour #11 Feb. 1 - 28, 2014

Tour #12 June 27 - July 10, 2014

Tour #13 July 24 - Aug. 1, 2014

Tour #14 Sept. 12 - 28, 2014


Touring in a van across the asphalt country is really not the romantic and successful journey young musicians imagine. While many yearn to create memories of success and traveling into ruby sunsets, the reality is that a hard month-long tour can change a young musician’s heart, for better or worse. Band members can feel cramped, friendships often explode, and many times an artist’s song-craft crumbles as a consequence. But then there are the bands who manage to overcome this. They grow stronger, tighter, and bloom into an almost familial playing/social unit while on these misunderstood touring journeys. This is Sick/Sea - an indie/rock/jazz trio commandeered by Audrey Scott and propelled by the mast-like bass playing of Johnny Garza and twisting drums of Cameron Scott.

When not fostering a growing underground fan base on tour, the band is anchored in McAllen, a south Texas border city with the beauty of an emerald gulf-coast to its east and a rusted border wall to its west. Like this part of Texas, the band’s aesthetic is one that is warm and built on a foundation of hard work with a tight familial connection. It is a sound colored with emotionally caustic lyrics belted and crooned, with eyes tightly shut, by songwriter Audrey Scott. Each song utilizes oceanic dynamics and human urge to tell a story. It’s a sound unique to Sick/Sea that to this day has continued to harbor and enamor audiences across the country, either digitally or through the signature burst and bloom of their live show that to this day has continued glow and shows no sign of dimming out.


Moral Compass (2012)

Oh Ship! (2011)

Set List

[45 min]
Master Splinter
Cupid's Drinking Song
Camper's Combo
Talking Doormat
For The Holidays
Excuses Excuses