Sick Spider

Sick Spider

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sick Spider creates an unprecedented combination of sound characterized by heavily layered distorted guitars, melodic vocal harmonies and nonsensical lyrics.


Sick Spider started between Marc Broude and Clark Stacy (Tim Lash) sending audio data back and forth between Portland, Oregon and Chicago. After completing 2 demos, "Star" and "Starfish" using Digital Performer, Lash flew to Portland and joined Broude and the duo scheduled a series of sessions at Portland's Jackpot! Recording Studio.

Sick Spider's loud but articulate art-damaged rock effort caught the attention of Alternative Press which called them "the best band you will never hear". Broude and Lash parted ways after recording 7 tracks which they compiled and released on Broude's own label, No Zen Records.


Sick Spider - Sick Spider