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"Canadian Superstars Ready to Rock Roxx"

There will be a sense of nostalgia at the Roxx Niteclub Friday night when some of Canada's best hip-hop artists take to the stage.
Thanks to collaborations with such artists as Busta Rhymes, Rihanna, Method Man and Akon, there may not be a hotter artist on the scene than Kardinal Offishall.

The Toronto MC will lead the charge into Barrie Friday night, bringing with him Canadian hall of famers Choclair and Snow, as well as young up-and-comers Sick Tricks and Mr. Ranking. Music at the Chrome Age Production show will be provided by DJ Spence Diamonds.

The event, brought to you by Liquid Chrome, Chills Canada and Logoz City Fashions, is a 19+ event and the doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25.

The Barrie Advance had a chance to talk to hip-hop legend Choclair and Sick Tricks, a local favourite.

Barrie Advance: In your opinion, what part of Canada is holding it down in the terms of growing and supporting hip-hop?

Choclair: I think the people themselves are holding it down for the growing support of hip-hop in Canada. I think The industry as a whole still has a way to go to as far as setting up the structure that can support the whole hip-hop music business, but the people themselves (the listener) has really stepped up the support for the music

Sick Tricks: It would be hard to say one place in particular that is holding down Canadian hip-hop. I would have to say though that it is living strong in places people might not expect, like Barrie, London, Victoria. Places that are a little off the grid. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, I don't feel like these places, that should be strong holds, are holding down the culture the way they could.

BA: Looking back on your career, what are your regrets?

CC: My only regret is that I was to nice to some people, not to say that I regret being a nice guy but in the beginning I did a lot for people and when it was time to return the favour I should have thought ahead and told myself not everyone thinks the way I do, but I wish everyone that I worked with in the past a world of success.

ST: My only regrets looking back would be waiting on other people to make this happen. Thinking that it wasn't in my own hands the whole time. Hoping this person would see it and be like sign this kid up, or that person would hear it and make it for me. The only person that can make this happen is yourself.

BA: If you could share the stage with one artist, who would it be and why?

CC: It would have been Biggie Smalls. I am, and always will be, a huge fan of his. He really showed people that you can be really successful in the rap game and he was a great lyracist and for me that's what hip hop is about: the lyrics and beats

ST: If I could share the stage with any artist it would be Andre 3000. There are other artists that I would love to work with, but 3000 just hits me. He reminds me why I started doing this, why I love this music so much. Energy, creativity, passion, intensity, hip-hop.

BA: What is your opinion of hip hop right now?

CC; It's growing. It's still a not as old as other forms of music, but it has grown faster than any other, and it is all inclusive, it has done a lot for race relations for this younger generation, and I am really proud of that. I love hip-hop.

ST: I feel as though hip-hop is strong as ever, it's the labels that are (messing) it all up. Putting out this artist cause they know they can make it sell, over something with substance. Hip-hop isn't the problem, the problem is the economics of the game. There are only so many spots and more times those spots are going to the least deserving artists, while the real heads are starving for a chance.

BA: What's next for you musically?

CC: A new album this year, it will be called C. Revolution. I have a new single called "The Essence" that has already gone number one on the U.S collage charts, so '09 is going to be a great year.

ST: I'm gonna do some traveling, see the world a bit, and gain some perspective. Tie it all up in a musical knot and drop the dopest album we've seen in a minute. I'm gonna keep performing when and where I can, but this album is my real focus. I owe it to my fans and myself to drop this album as heavy as I can so watch out it don't land on your head.

BA: What can the crowd expect Friday night?

CC: I am expecting a very enthusiastic crowd; people support the music up here, but most time a show like this doen't get put together. I have to give a big up to Liquid Chrome for putting this together.

ST: This Friday the people need to be ready for some heavy hitting hip-hop music. The Sick Tricks movement is coming to Barrie to represent. This is gonna be a spectacle that the heads are not gonna want to miss, trust me.

Here is a link to the interview featuring Canadian Superstar Choclair and the up and coming Sick Tricks. - Barrie Advance

"Sick Tricks, Sean Paul, Barrie, The Roxx- WHAT?"

Like smoke through a keyhole, hip hop has slowly but noticably taken a strong hold in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

With the star power of Jim Jones, Choclair, Bishop, the recent "Tuff and Rugged" performance at the new Roxx by local rap heads LS & iLLvibe, Toronto's Sick Tricks and of course the one and only "Dutty" Jamaican Grammy award winning Sean Paul, Barrie is becoming a beacon for world class talent.

Independent or signed...this can only mean good things for our fine city's Hip Hop and Urban music enthusiasts.

With an over 70% female fan turnout, Sean Paul delivered an enthusiastic and sensual yard style experience for the ladies. Wild with delight and obvious desire for more of the great Reggae sensation, the women screamed and hollered as SP dusted off his "back a yard" style dance.

In true Reggae Dancehall fashion, the Sean Paul bump and grind fest began from the time he hit the stage until well after the performance. With 4 album releases and at least as many tours, SP's sex appeal has obviously not worn it's wear on Barrie's young women. The special appearance in Barrie was just one of his short tour stops and Sean Paul will be hitting the rest of Canada for a mini tour along with Akon and Wyclef Jean while he completes his brand new studio album: The Next Thing about to hit shelves soon.

But the night didn't belong solely to the Jamaican born platinum selling Sean Paul; one of the nights opening acts, Barrie’s own L.S. recently dropped a new CD, selling 1,200 copies in the first week of it's release...Independently! Solid lyrical skills and on point deliveries make L.S. a local force. Anyone ready to step up?

A pleasant and unexpected surprise on the night for us at was definitely the cat from Scarborough, Toronto. He quietly goes by the name of Sick Tricks. Quiet for now.

This Sick Tricks cat has been called the next Eminem and I beg to differ.

I would describe this cat's style closer to a DMX hard and on point rhyme delivery. Spittin'! This combined with a bangin' cadence gives Sick Tricks a little more than a little somethin' to come with. His hard verses and catchy choruses simply cut to the core of the new Roxx crowds' inner rhythms.

Sick had them bumping in tandem. I mean true to his name, Sick Tricks's lyrical tricks are definitely sick. My music loving friends, if this cat can battle as well as he hit it up at the Sean Paul show, the Hip Hop world of Canada should be preparing themselves for a little bit of somethin' new. Sick Tricks is on the prowl.

Chromeage Productions in association with Issimo Music and B101 have done a great job developing a solid promotional presence in Barrie and demonstrate that bringing in big star power artists north of the "Big Smoke", combined with a strong line up of local and independent musicians helps the entire Simcoe music scene.

A stronger, more mature music scene...and definitely a lot funkier.
- Catsak Music & Entertainment

"Sean Paul at the Roxx"

Sean Paul will be looking to turn up the heat Friday at the newly renovated Roxx Concert Hall in downtown Barrie.

The Jamaican reggae master, who has come a long way since releasing his first single in 1996, is currently on a short tour of Canada while he puts the finishing touches on his fourth album. The Next Thing is due out this summer.

Success has been swift and plentiful for Sean Paul. His collection includes several Billboard Music awards, an American Music Award and even a Grammy, which he picked up for best reggae album.

He has also shared the studio with such artists as Rihanna, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake.

The July 11 event is presented by Issimo Music, Chrome Age Productions and B101 FM. Tickets can be purchased by clicking the link.

Opening for Sean Paul will be Barrie’s own L.S. and iLLvibe, as well as Sick Tricks. L.S. recently released a new CD, selling 1,200 copies in the first week of release. Sick Tricks is from North Bay and has been called the next Eminem. According to Liquid Chrome’s president Jason Clairman, the MC is “phenomenal.”

iLLvibe opened for Method
- Barrie Advance


Zero Tolerance - "Outta the Basement"
Sick Tricks - EP



A native of Scarborough, Sick Tricks has been perfecting his lyrical style from an early age. Blessed with a naturally intricate delivery, his quick witted flow has been impressing audiences for over a decade. Taking his music onto the streets of both Toronto and Vancouver he has performed in various venues and successfully competed in many freestyle battles. He is one third of a Toronto based Hip Hop group called Zero Tolerance but he has spent the last year working on his first solo album and warming up the stage for talented artists such as Classified, DL Incognito, Red 1, Monolith, Fat Lip, Sean Paul, Method Man, Redman Kardinal Official and Shad K. Expect nothing shy of greatness when you witness him in action. He displays an effortless ability to move the crowd and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of his audience. Finding a balance between content and charisma, his presence is best described as electrifying.