SICMAN of Virginia

SICMAN of Virginia

 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

"SICMaN is the punk rock version of the Grateful Dead" -- J. Slutman (GWAR, ManisDoomed).

Heavy mellow music for the common man.


"SICMaN is the punk rock version of the Grateful Dead" --J. Slutman, GWAR / ManIsDoomed

A genre bending rock band from Virginia Beach, VA. The name is weird, the sound is weirder. Heavy mellow music for the common man. With their ability to improvise stretched out jams and mix it up with heavier rock tunes or spaced out folk, they keep the party going all night.

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Joe Welch and Matt Holloman have been writing, playing, and recording music together since childhood. With the addition of bass player and long time friend, Scott Griffin, SICMAN has been performing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and just recently played two sold out shows with The Dean Ween Group at Asheville Music Hall and The Southland Ballroom in NC.  The band just finished their fourth album, Mourning Sicness, due May 20, 2014 featuring an appearance by Dave Dreiwitz (of WEEN, Marco Benevento). In the last three years they have received nominations in numerous categories for VEER magazines local music awards including Album of The Year for their 2012 release titled Stale As It Ever Was which also had a track featured on the RELIX Magazine CD compilation in 2012. The band performed two nights at Poor Farm Fest III (WVA) with Devon Allman, Cyril Neville, and Tom Constanten of The Grateful Dead. They have also shared the stage with Instant Death (w/ 4/5 of WEEN), The Whigs, and Company of Thieves, among others.

With their musical roots ranging from blues to prog-rock, the band produces a surprisingly smooth mixture of progressive Post-punk/Psyche-folk/Rock tunes.


All The Time In The Ground

Written By: Joe Welch & Matt Holloman

You, you came to me running away you came to me -ranting- You apparently forgot all the things you came to do - ranting- And I will walk alone, to the places that we found and you will be in me and all the time in the ground


2014 - Mourning Sicness

2012 - Stale as it Ever Was 

2011 - Sweatpants and Other Unnecessary Nonsense 

2003 - "a sicman's guide to illness..."

Set List

ORIGINAL songs written and performed by SICMaN:

Daylight Savings Time
Falling Behind
All The Time in the Ground
Sweatpants of Love
Gamblin' For Groceries
No Control
Oh No
Miss Crazy
Mal's Still Around
Elijah Wants A Snack
Don’t Call
Big Brown Eye
Charles From The Raven
Madness Of Life
Blank Page
Master of Deception
Ride On
Dizzo King
Cop Check
Pent Up
9 Lbs
Steal Your Kiss
Things From You

COVERS that we have played:
Mannish Boy – Muddy Waters
Down In The Hole (Stones)
Waiting Room - Fugazi
Where is My Mind - Pixies
Stupid Girl - Neil Young
The Grobe - Ween
Hey Bull Dog - The Beatles
Maggot Brain - Funkadelic
Cosmic Slop - Funkadelic
Muffin Man - Frank Zappa
Flower Punk - Frank Zappa
Dog Breath - Frank Zappa
Liquid Swords - GZA (Wu-tang Clan)
VooDoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
Third Stone From the Sun - Jimi Hendrix
Rumble -