Sicment started a late and dark evening in the summer 2004... Sicment plays Melodic Trash Metal and have played it for 3 years now... Check it out !!!


Sicment started when Kenneth and Michael a late and dark evening in the summer 2004 joined eat other and talked about starting a metal band. The band name was found "Sicment" was a perfect name for the band.

Kenneth and Michael did quickly make some songs but they needed a bass player and a front Mann for the vocal in the Band.

After about 4.months we found the bass player Jens Lkkegaard Jensen he joined the band in December 2004 and afther another 2.months Kenneth was meeting Simon at a place called Imperiet (A Danish Club), were Kenneth was talking about he's Melodic Thrash Metal band project and Simon Skyrme Joined the band as vocal/screams/growls in February 2005.

In December 2005 we recorded our first demo CD in a studio called All Sound Studios the demo have 3.tracks and was a good start for Sicment. We worked really hard for a year and was making a lot of new songs.

In February 03-02-2006 Sicment was decided to play at Danish Metal Grandprix2006, at the stage called Voxhall (Aarhus, Denmark,) it's a compotision for Danish upcomming metal bands.

After Danish Metal Grandprix2006, Sicment found the man for the job to bend some strings for us, so the new lead guitarplayer Steffan FUBU Kristensen joined the band in February 2006. Sicment are at the moment working on some new songs in the Studio and locking for some cool gigs.

In januar 2007 Jens and simon left the band, but we quickly found a new bass player in the mann Kasper Søgård he joined the band in feburay 2007 and our new singer Shaun joined all so the band in febary 2007...

In May 2007 we went to a studio called Smart and Hard Studiet in Århus Denmark and recorded our 2nd promo cd... The cd will be relaess the first week in October 2007 (week 40).

Sicment plays Melodic Thrash Metal.

Inspiration comes from bands like : In Flames, Soilwork, and Pantera and many more bands...

Sicment consist of :

Shaun T - Vocal/scream/Growls
Michael Palle Bengtson - Rythme Guitar
Steffan FUBU Kristensen - Lead Guitar
Kasper Søgård - Bass
Kenneth Munch - Drums

Booking and Info :


2005 Sicment Demo - Nothing Less
2007 Sicment - Promo 2007

Set List

We have at set list of many numbers and can play for 45 min or more... no cover songs...