Sic Osyrus

Sic Osyrus

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Sic Osyrus is a breath of fresh air for the hip hop world- sharp lyrics with an animated persona, the game is not safe anymore.


Many have compared Sic's flow to that of Philly heavy hitter Beanie Siegal yet some say he has some of Ludacris's animated tendencies in his stage show, all will tell you his passion is what's most visible in his song concepts, presence and overall portrayal in the musical structure


Sic Osyrus has been featured on several mixtapes such as Hate Money PT 5 Hosted by Jae Millz, and many other Bedtyme357 Mixtapes as we well as features on DVD's such as Who Mag (nationally distributed). Sic Osyrus has also performed at many NYC' Philly venues and is a regular on 1.FM's Hate Money Radio

Set List

Give the kid Sic Osyrus 3-5 minutes on stage and you will see exactly where he is coming from, performing heartfelt songs like Shuko produced 'How Long' which exemplifies ones desire to drink away his problems to the hard hitting, Drawzilla Produced ' Lockdown' letting cats know that when your locked in the system, there is hope!!