Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Perfect pitch but only in an elevator. Versatile song writer and performer.


Joseph Pagano is releasing his first EP record in February 2015 titled Graveyard of Dreams via CD Baby.  The record is a collection of original songs based on Joseph’s observations and life experiences in traveling the world over the past decade with a mix of grass roots Americana, Rock, and electronic instrumental inspirations.  The title track Graveyard of Dreams was inspired by a trip to the Grammy Awards in 2014 spending time on the historic Sunset Boulevard in LA.

Joseph is a singer songwriter from NJ who played the guitar solo on the dance song single Cecelia, released in 1985 on Debbie Records Silk City Sound with the band N-Kuntrol founded by Jeffrey T. Crooms.  Joseph played guitar, bass, and arranged the B-side, If I Said I Love you on the same release, the rare vinyl single which is selling for as much as $80 today on Discogs!.  Joseph played rhythm and lead guitar in several bands touring the NY / NJ area including Profile, Junior’s Farm, and Straight Shoot’r.  He played guitar and sang for 11,000 people at a private function at the TD Waterhouse arena in Orlando, FL and continues to write and produce original rock and dance music.  Graveyard of Dreams is his first EP release scheduled for drop in CD format and in online digital storefronts in February 2015. 

On the Graveyard of Dreams track Little Girls, Joseph was in mid-song recording the demo track in his home studio when his young daughter walked in during the recording with her friend, oblivious to the fact he was recording, asked him to order dinner or watch her baby sister. The live interruption made the final track which you can hear midway through the song Little Girls! Now 18 Julia Pagano, Joseph’s daughter has a credit on the record for photography and album art.

Joseph wrote, recorded and produced all of the parts on the 7 tracks including vocals, guitar, ukulele, drums, harmonica, keyboards, bass, percussion, midi programming and drum loop integration.



JSP Artists – 


Little Girls

Written By: Joseph S Pagano

© Copyright December 2001, Joseph S. Pagano

VERSE (G / F#G / Em / C)
I’ve got this little little girl, her name is Julia
I’ve got this other little girl, her name is Grace
I’ve got these little little girls, each has a pretty face
I’ve got these crazy little girls, they love to wreck the place

CHORUS (D / C / G)
They like to run around the house and play with all their toys
They break so many things that you might even think they’re boys
They’re smarter than they look they’re just like rug rats, very coy
No matter how spoiled they get they will always be my little… bundles of joy

I’ve got these little little girls, they like to watch tv
I’ve got these little little girls, they like to go out to eat
I’ve got these little little girls, they love to eat grilled cheese
The smaller little little girl, she loves to eat her peas


MIDDLE EIGHT (Em / D / C / G )

When they go to sleep at night they dream that they can fly
They don’t have wings but they can see down from the sky
The things that happen in the world they have lots of questions why
I just tell them how lucky they are to have each other and that-will-keep-them-fine

They run around the park and race to feed the ducks
And even though they’re girls they like to watch for yellow trucks
They fight to count-the-beetle cars as if it was for good luck
They eat like horses but somehow they both have… very skinny butts

I’ve got these little little girls, they love to make a mess
I’ve got these little little girls, they love to wear a dress
I’ve got these little little girls, they never seem to rest
I’ve got these little little girls, and they’re the very best

Uckfe Ouye

Written By: Joseph S Pagano

(c) copyright 1994 Joseph Pagano

what do ya know about rock n roll
what you do would you ever tell
I say uckfe ouye ya know what I mean
if ya don’t then ya live in a spell

you said I play guitar like a big rock star
but I can’t even pay for the rent
give it up give it up cause ya know what you want
and it aint really heaven sent.. that’s right now


you know everything’s cool when you make up the rules
in a game that will never end
give it up give it up you can do what you want
make believe that you never pretend

I say what do ya know about rock n roll
can ya swim where the water is deep
give it up give it up dont step on my feet
sing it UCKFE OUYE ya know what I mean, rock on

Tomorrow Is Today

Written By: Joseph S Pagano

© 2003 Joseph S. Pagano

Verse I

I wish that I could act like bobby deniro
I wish that I could rap like eminem
But since I can’t I’ll keep my job and stick with my cheap beer
And dream of meeting Britney Spears (one chord on Britney, no chord on spears)


Verse II

I wish that I could move my knees like elvis
I wish that I could sing like a-retha
But since I can’t I’ll just pretend cause that is no real big crime
And live like it’s the end of time


Bridge / Lead

turn the calendar page and put another 30 days away
what-did-you-get-to-do and what’you delay

if you’re gonna-go have some fun you know it’s never–too-late to get down and play… never never never

Verse III

I wish that I could tap like Gregory hines
I wish that I had j-lo’s prize behind
But since I don’t I won’t complain cause I not feeling any pain and
I’d be happy and just the same