Sid Air are a Melbourne based band with a kickin' live show of Technical Rock. Utilizing time signature changes and polyrhythms that won't leave you scratching your head, but shaking your bootang. Most importantly, the songs are catchy, which you can hear for yourself on their self titled EP.


Sid Air are a Melbourne based band who play what has been labeled ‘Technical Rock’, this is because they are hard to pin to any other genre. They have many elements of math rock including, the tight dance-beat drumming, the fast complex and funky bass lines, time signature changes and plenty of polyrhythms. But they also have a post punk ethos and many of the experimental aspects of new wave, luckily it not this confusing to listen to!
Their live shows are an explosion of energy, with songs that go from smooth and melodic to all out danceable!

The four members of Sid Air are childhood friends and each come from musical families. They began jamming together in 2008 but it was in 2010 when they moved to Melbourne that they really found their sound. A vast array of influences has shaped their music including; Interpol, Foals, Radiohead, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and The Doors.

Sid Air play a style of music that is missing in the Australian music scene, they are fast, energetic and powerful without being angry and agressive, they are extremely danceable but without synthesizers, they are technically intricate but still very catchy and hard to describe but amazingly easy to dance to! Check them out live, you must.

They have a four track EP available from their website and are recording some new tracks in July of 2012, as well as a video clip so stay tuned.


SID AIR - EP - 2011
Value Divided Time - LP - 2009