Sid Alaistar

Sid Alaistar


SID is a dark mash of heated thrash, electro and samba which will cause you to dance and will yell in your face until you die, just like Phil did. It will also tear at your heartstrings every so often, telling stories of hate, love, disconnection and insanity. But mostly insanity.


I KILLED PHIL. I left the body burnt to a pulp, had a blood ceremony in a funeral home and commemorate it every Friday the 13th. I reminisce of this murder in my poetry which these people seem to take so seriously to turn it into music. Yet they don't understand my mind.

NOTE : This EPK does not include calendar dates or a main photo as the Sonicbids platform crashes when editing these. Please contact us at to ask more about this information. Sid prefers to terrorize DIY parties that generally need to be kept under the radar due to legal circumstances.


I KILLED PHIL /// unreleased


Set List

Seem 2 Have Lost My Way
Lullabies for out disturbed futures
June Bug
Total Mayham
Put it In Place
My Name, I'm Sane
Hunt What You Hear
Can you Hear me Now
Lying on the Bed
Sobriety Lost
Break my Sympathy