Sid Davidson

Sid Davidson

 Wick, Scotland, GBR

I am a singer and I love playing guitar. My talent is being able to freestyle songs on the spot, literally compile verbally new songs instantly. I have a dozen of my own songs that i have written and compiled. I would love to expand my performing further south to Inverness and other areas.


Sid Davidson is a singer who hails from Wick, Caithness, Scotland. A natural singer and acoustic guitar player. He began MC’ing locally aged 19. During the last three years began singing and playing acoustic guitar. Compiling his own music along the way. Sid now has a range of songs that he has compiled.
2011 with guitar in hand , he took his music public acoustic and at times acoustic freestyle.
Also during 2011 Sid supported various bands and singers to include but a few: Parma Violets; Frues; Whisky River Band; Kai Henderson; Chris Helm from Sea Horses; Mark Morrison from Blue tones.

His future goals musically Sid would like to see himself move from performing just locally in Caithness, to further south to Inverness possibly playing venues as support to bands and singer. Venues such as Mad Hatters; Ironworks; Hootenanys etc. Sid also hopes to play Belladrum Festival in Inverness moving onto more festivals around Scotland in the future.