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Side C

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1 The Beautiful North
2 Youdaman
3 Often Sick
4 Grovers Mill ft. Kirk Kage
5 Teeth
6 Poisen Pen ft Dj Praiz
7 Drive ft. David Hodges
8 Trees ft. Loe Pesci
9 Portal
10 Stu Ungar
11 Dirty Dealing ft. Fundament
12 Walk In ft. 2nd Thought, Memo, Aspen
13 Gilla Team
14 Steel Birds
15 Shout Out ft. Dj Praiz
16 Unkle Buck
17 Eardrum

NERD CRIMES (2006 GDC Records)

1 Month of Marvin 2:51
2 Runround 3:19
3 Favors 4:01
4 Break In 2:12
5 Couch Poutine 5:00
6 R and R 3:15
7 1/2 ft. DJ Praiz 3:20
8 Fakir 1:33
9 Last Meal 2:29
10 Relationships pt. 1 2:40
11 Relationships pt.2 3:26
12 Cape Canaveral 3:24
13 Let's Twist Again 2:03
14 Potential 2:58
15 Nerd Crimes ft. Charles Hebert 3:12

Side C (2004 GDC Records)

1 Reputation 0:50
2 Acid Rap 5:46
3 Violince ft. Dj Praiz 5:35
4 SeaSide 2:58
5 Boom Bap 4:28
6 Island Tropic 2:43
7 471-CHINA#TEQ 6:01
8 471-1.5-RIGO-DEKO 1:36
9 Illness Projectory 4:36
10 Inman Mechanics 0:58
11 Throw Up ft. Dj Praiz 2:27
12 Advanced Retard 1:36
13 Christmas in Baghdad 4:06
14 Why Am I Now? 0:20
15 Third Dimension 5:13
16 Stoneheart 3:58



Side C was born out of necessity. A lack of creative, innovative and engaging hip hop forced the birth of Side C. Emceeing, Turntablism, B-Boying, Graffiti Writing and Live Music; with these elements in their back pocket Side C has the power to turn any show into a vibrant cultural event. We ask ourselves, what made hip hop the marketing giant that it is today? The answer is... community; the feeling that you belong and that you are a part of something much larger. That is the message that Side C conveys through their live performances. Like any prosperous community Side C is unique and familiar, yet diverse. Known for their versatility, Side C is able to enthral real hip hop heads while also entertaining casual listeners in the club.
Side C is fronted by emcees SYPS, STRATH and RIGONOM. These three rappers have grown up and honed their skills together developing a natural stage chemistry. Performing with live musician has allowed the emcees to experiment with new styles, content and flows. These skills have allowed Side C to fall into a category of their own.
DJ/ B-Boy DEKOY is a jack of all trades, his live manipulation of sound using turntables and samplers sets Side C apart from most traditional hip hop acts. As members of the world champion break-dance crews ILLMASK and ILLMATIC STYLES, DEKOY and LAZY LEGZ are entertaining high light in our live performances.( Who doesn’t like to see a back flip before the hook drops?)
The multitasking DREFUS P has had his hand in Side C from the get go. Side Cs original android drum machine now finds time to dominate turntables as well as being an avid sports enthusiast. As an accomplished mural artist his clean style and off the cuff remarks are well known and enjoyed by the young and old alike.
When it comes down to the nitty gritty, Side C is about good music and making crowds move. Staying true to their hip hop influences while incorporating their own innovated flare is why Side C remains one of Canada’s top groups. Think of “The Roots” meets “Beastie Boys” meets “Lyricist Lounge” with a side order of “Outkast” on a sunny day.