sidecar kisses

sidecar kisses


it struts.


sidecar kisses slice through all that is drab and riskless with a double edged sword. It's music to love to, fall out to and flirt to. They are a heady mix of emotions, with every up comes a down with every fight comes a kiss.

Straddling and spurring this monster along are Ritzy,Rhydian and Justin, wielding vocals that tease and twist in feisty joy. Added to this are fuzzed up bass lines and thumping drums, creating bottom end that Little Richard would be proud of.

Like Pavement, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Flaming Lips....who knows?! have a listen. They themselves have been championed by Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson, The Futureheads, Claire Grogan and The Duke Spirit.


wire stripper (noise underground 2007)