Side Effect

Side Effect


Our band is basically a band to play out and give the crowd a great show, with fun music to get into. We love what we do, and want to do it for our life.


Side Effect consists of vocalist Matt Tucci, guitarist Zack Colvin, bassist Kyle Tucci, and drummer Scottie Noll. The band was formed in June of 2009 and has since acquired a strong following.

Side Effect stands for American youth who are influenced by and forced to live in a corrupt society. The lyrics and song subjects deal with growing up in this aforementioned world and the struggles of daily life in it of itself. The lyrics touch on subjects such as religion, society, relationships, and the tedious itch to become an individual free of authority.


Anybody Want A Peanut?! Released on October 31st, 2009.

Set List

Our sets can vary between 15 mins to a half hour. We do some covers. (Misfits, Rise Against, Guttermouth, Blink 182)