Side FX

Side FX


We're a young, hard working band, we are very dedicated to the band and making origional music. We're influenced mainly by Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Thin Lizzy, their influence has helped us make origional, modern day music.


Side FX joined together in 2004 when we were still in school. Ian Lowbridge and Brendan Bloand started the band and shortly after they recruited Alan McMahon to be their drummer. Then after they competed in a local competition Michael Smollen joined to play bass and complete the line up. After the lione up was complete they competed in many competitions and then started playing proper gigs in Tullamore and Biker Rally's around the country with locals bands Hush and Renegade. They are very in touch with what people want to hear and are very dedicated to writing their own material.

Set List

Our typical set is consists of about 3 or 4 of our own origional songs and then the rest are cover songs. the cover songs we do are: The Boys are back in town and Whiskey in the Jar: Thin Lizzy, Alive: Pearl Jam, Rockin' in the Free World: Neil Young, Free Bird: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paradise City: Guns & Roses, Morning Glory: Oasis, Kids Aren't Alright: Offspring, Come as you Are: Nirvana, Your Time has Come: Audio Slave, Bloody Sunday: U2 and Are you going to go my Way: Lenny Kravitz