Since the release of ‘Miscellaneous Adventures’ , Nick Buckton has been applauded from all realms of the NZ Music scene for his unique breed of music. With references to the 3Ds, the Beatles, Wilco, and Beck, SideKickNick and his star-studded live band know how to spew forth a memorable live show.


SIDEKICKNICK is a character who has been moonlighting on the edge of music town for too long and his appropriately titled Miscellaneous Adventures album has been nine years in the making. But now that it is here, the thing is a goddamn revelation with its nods to the likes of the 3Ds, Flaming Lips, Brian Wilson and Beck. Critical chaps have been falling all over it. Here’s a joyous cartwheel by the usually acerbic Gary Steel – “his debut album is so full of personality and vigour and idiosyncrasy and sheer creativity that I almost don’t believe my own hyperbole” – and while Grant Smithies will regularly cream himself over just about any musical pie with enough weed mixed in its dough, when the man says that “In places, you feel as though you’ve woken up to find yourself living inside a cartoon” we actually imagined ourselves a podgy little Smithies shaped cartoon figure that freaked the crap out of us. F**k you Sidekicknick, don’t freak us all out like that! Did we say after all that that Sidekicknick and his fun-filled, heartfelt album is one of our favourite musical discoveries of the year? Cos it damn well is, kids.


'Miscellaneous Adventures'- released by SonyMusic NZ August 25th 2008.

Set List

They play a high energy 30-40 minute set of original songs.. Short & sharp. Boom. Ouch.