Side Project

Side Project


“Genre splicing and genre bending with glee and abandon, this is the kind of frat band you wish you were in back in the day.” - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap


Often compared to old school Frank Zappa, Side Project's influences range from Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, to Primus and Phish, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Outkast, creating a Funk/Fusion Octet that pays more mind to originality than fitting in. Side Project began in 2000 when six friends who'd met at church started jamming dirty funk. A night session at the church recorded on an 8-track produced the band's first recording and Side Project – named for the struggle of working a day job and making music by night – took off. The band played its first gigs at a local cafe, where members discovered a taste for off the wall antics and improvisation. The band has since opened for national acts (including ulu and Rainbow Trout) and played gigs up and down the East Coast from South Miami to Orlando. Side Project has played several large outdoor festivals and last November threw down a prime time set at the City Link Music Festival in the streets of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Side Project is looking to expand its reach into the Southeast in 2007.


Side Project's 2004 debut album, Our Last Album, proves that the band's creativity and party atmosphere translates just as well on record as it does live. Produced and recorded in 2004, the album drew rave reviews. “Our Last Album is one of those CD's that you slap into the player on an unsuspecting party and observe what happens,” Pete Pardo, of Sea of Tranquility, said.
Tunes like “Hippos in the Kitchen” and “Talk to Me” provide sing-along tracks while “Time” and “AFU” serve up the band's originality in “psycho” delic fashion like never heard before.
“Melodies like those in the appropriately titled “Peaking” and “The Wooden Lady and Her Shadow Dog” give listeners the mind-bending effects of magic mushrooms without their having to eat them,” Alexandra Qulnones of Miami New Times said.
With a second album on the way, planned as a CD/DVD production, Side Project isn't resting on its laurels. Listen for the band's tunes on college stations WBGG and WNSU and look for CDs, downloads and pictures, Itunes and on the web,


Hippos in the Kitchen

Written By: Side Project

Work a 9-5 (Go ahead and be a slave)
Start a family (Put yourself in a cage)
Buy yourself a house (Lock the door, throw the key)
Never left alone (without you or me)

Society says, "Fit the mold.
Get in line, because you're bought and sold."
And you're running blindly all around
until the cycle wears you down.
And if submission is the mission of society,
well then it must be, you see,
that in order to be free
we must swim upstream and fight the currents of oppression.

What are we but slaves
in this never-ending maze?
There's no exit in sight
because we're blind.
Been left reeling, feeling numb.
Hands are tied. We're deaf and dumb.
Fool just quit your bitchin' you're a hippo in the kitchen.
It's all you ever were, it's all you'll ever be.

Society says, "Fit the mold.
Get in line, because you're bought and sold."
And you're running blindly all around
until the cycle wears you down.
Now it's 18 years later, but it's still 1984.
We got thought police parading us; political whores.
Freedom, fuck folklore.
Know when you realized they sterilized your mind and conspired
to steal the pleasure in life, like a thief in the night.
I can't stand to sit complacent with, or adjacent to, a soul willing to sell it's youth.
Don't give a fuck. Just let them keep sewing the stitches and soon you'll be wallowing in it like hippos in the kitchen.





Debut LP:Our Last Album
Singles:Hippos in the Kitchen, Time, A.F.U.

Set List

3 one-hour sets, mostly original music with some covers thrown in (i.e. Fraggle Rock, Canteloupe Island, the Chicken)