Sideproject is an organic rock trio that is bringing back the sound of the 60's and 70's combined with great new influences as well. The music is full of powerful vocals and intense melodies, along with some of the most interactive solo's that can be heard in music today.


Sideproject is a hard funk/blues rock power trio out of South Salem, New York. The band was originally 6 piece rock group formed by drummer Alex Cano and ex guitarist Bobby Renzulli in January of 2005. Over the course of the following 6 months, Sideproject went through a number of lineup changes before finally setting in with their current and final lineup in July of 2005. Sideproject is: Ryan Maclean on lead vocals/guitar, Alex Cano on drums/backup vocals, and Tim Luckow on bass/backup vocals.
As a trio, the band decided to throw away all of their old material. In the new songs they began to write, the remaining three members formed a sound of their own. Sideproject’s music is gutsy and heavy, but at the same time very groovy. They really pour their hearts out into each song they write. Their sound is a unique fusion of hard rock, funk, and blues, all with a very vintage rock feel. Sideproject’s biggest influences include Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Perhaps the one thing that stands out the most about Sideproject is their live performance and ability to play together on stage. Sideproject puts on an incredible live show. Since the formation of their current lineup the band has played over 30 shows, helping them to develop a great deal of performance experience. Sideproject makes each show different, always throwing surprises into their set list and adding lots of live improvisation to their songs. No matter when or where you see them, you can expect any Sideproject show to be a rockin’ experience and a great time.

Sideproject is currently in the process of working on their first album. The record is likely to be called "Certified Organic", a title which represents the raw, vintage sound of the band. The goal for the record is to produce a classic debut album that truly captures a rocking feel while at the same time maintaining a relatively minimal use of studio effects in order to capture the true Sideproject sound, a sound which has proved to carry itself on its own. The band hopes to release the album sometime by next summer.


Take It All Away

Written By: Ryan MacLean

There’s a sweet dream locked inside my mind
Gotta get it outta here to see what we could find
Gonna be blinded by all the shining lights
Gotta get it out of here, if you could even try

Take it with you, take it all, Take it all away
Take it with you, Take it All Away

Silver moonshine, always burning bright
Gotta get it outta here, outta here without a fight
Taste of sweet time, always blue sky high
Gotta get it outta here, outta here, outta sight

Take it with you, Take it all, Take it all away
Take it with you, Take it all away
You know you gotta, you know you gotta gotta take it all away
Take it with you, Take it all Away

Spirals singing with red doves winging
The gifts their bringing will send you home
Always calling, you hear it falling
It rests but crawling, now take it all
Take it all away
Take it all, Take it All Away

Take it all, Take it all away
Take it all, take it all away


Written By: Ryan MacLean


Hold on sudden changes
Only time to find that things will come your way
Just so perpetual, steady motion, try hard not to fall
Try some change and you can see things will come through anyway

Some people try to stop change, their finding out the hard way
Keep thinking like its child's play, there just aint much for me to say
Its all just worthless anyway
Find some change, rearrange, place to place, face to face

So please try to believe me
So many come and try to please me
Just such monotony, no lazy eye can possibly see
Find some change, then try to change me
Or you could just let me be

Crime in the Making

Written By: Ryan MacLean

You told me you had a story
And that no-one longer listened or understood
But how can anything reach glory
It can but yet any chance it could
We overlooked all the time we had
It came around and chances were dimmed
Was there a part of the story
You turned a page or the page was ripped

Slow down, your time depends on what you found
Such an unpainted clown
And if you came back with grace and a look on your face
Tell me all of the places you heard of and been

I think we all have our treasures
And our invisible X’s that mark their spots
But what’s the key to the measure
That gives us all of the pleasure what we don’t got
It’s all a crime in the making
The world is faking a haven its what we see
The main coarse is baking
Whole world’s shaking, Earth is still quaking



-Sideproject EP
-Several Live Tapings
Our EP has just started to get Radio Airplay

Set List

We typically play 30-45 minute sets of our original songs such as: Changes, Crime in the Making, TSRV, Bring Me Down, Take It All Away, How Many Miles?, Youngblood, Conscience, Going Blind, as well as many others. We also are not afraid to improvise or throw in a cover every once in a while.