Sidereal Day

Sidereal Day


New Rock & Roll written in the classic style with tasteful solos on guitars, keyboards and harmonica. Strong harmonies and guitar work, around lyrics with essence, is the drive behind this bands sound.


When a group of local musicians finds the right combination of players who enjoy expressing original thought, the end result is this Maine based band called "Sidereal Day".

Conceived sometime around 1998, this well seasoned bunch took off playing the local clubs, covering all the radio hits from the 1970's to present day rock, slipping in two to three of their own songs for a test ride now and then. All the while, back at the practice spot (the Track Shack); they were recording their first CD project, a 5-song demo with the band name of "Still Standin'" at that time. And, with the encouragement of a local record review magazine, the boys went into the studio and re-recorded the demo songs, plus another 5 for their new CD called ~Sidereal Day - Once Around~.

"I'm immediately struck with this bands pop/rock potential. There is an unavoidable attraction to the simple, upbeat, poppy feel the band seems to so easily create. I'm gonna come right out and say that I consider Still Standin’ to be one heck of a sleeper. With the proper professional direction, I wouldn't be surprised to see them come from out of nowhere and surprise us all with great things." -S.L., Face Magazine. 2002

After the CD review, the bands song "Taste of Freedom" was included on a 20 song CD compilation entitled "Eclectic Medley-Vol.1", and distributed during a Boston, MA held music conference.

"Don't let the jam-band feel of Still Standin' fool you into sticking these guys in that pigeon hole. Sounding a bit Doobie Brothers-influenced but with a pop twist "Taste of Freedom" is a driving classic rocker with a tasty guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Clever changes give the band an excellent vehicle upon which to show off some strong vocals. The boys are having fun and you feel it. This is a band I'll make a point to see live! -Murdoch, Face Magazine. 2002

This CD is a labor of their love for expressing music and thought through amplified instruments. Surviving a member change, the tragic death of one band mate, and now with a new name, Sidereal Day is one straight ahead rock band about to test their musical potential. They are presently working on CD #2, which is due out in mid 2004.


Long Time Waiting

Written By: Sidereal Day

...For Dede From Steve...

Long time waiting for this day to come.
Just Hanging around contemplating some.
Brown hair , blue eyes, a pretty smile, she's just my size.
Long time waiting for this day.

~I'll reach inside, I'll touch her heart, I'll hold it tight, let the music start. Long time waiting for this day~.

Many Moons have come and gone.
Spirit says it won't be long.
Wiccan winds have sent her song my way.
(Chorus) X 2
I know by God it's here to stay.
(Guitar solo)
There's a girl looking at the sky.
Never needing reasons why. Seasons change, while whispers fly her way.
I didn't need a second glance.
Was taken in by journeys dance.
I never knew a man could feel this way.
(Chorus) X 2
I know by God it's here to stay.
Long time waiting for this day to come.
Long time waiting for this day.


Our first CD "Once Around" was recorded @ Koch Audio, Sanford, ME. Released Feb, 2004.
mp3 samples are available via our Music page
"Push Me Out" is getting air play at a Germany based radio station.
Next CD due in mid 2004

Set List

1. No Wrong Answer
2. Real Dream
3. Push Me Out
4. For You and Me
5. Taste of Freedom
6. Stepping Stone
7. Why is it Wrong
8. There’s Time
9. Long Time waiting
10. Impossible
11. Trap
12. S.O.S.D.D.
13. Thunderland
14. You Better Run
15. Grow
16. Your Gray
17. Have What’s Mine
18. Nothing I can Say
19. Enough Said
20. Free
21. Riding around the Sun
22. Pieces of the Sun
23. Tired of Being Cold
24. That Car
25. Trip Over Me
26. I'm Alive
27. Such is Life

We can provide two hours of all original music.

We also have a large repertoire of covers in our back pocket. Songs by: The Allman Brothers, The Stones, Eric Clapton, Goo Goo Dolls, Doobie Brothers, Bad Co., Lynard Skynard, Third Eye Blind, Incubus, etc...