Side Show!

Side Show!


We've been called "punk-funk pranksters." We've been called "a perfect soundtrack for a drunken one-night stand." Hell, one of us has been called a bitch and pissed on. But regardless of what you might call us, we'll always most certainly be - "The reason you came."


Side Show! TM

Our bio cannot compare to the testimonies of our fans. Here's the hype:

"Finally! Here's a 'NEW' band who hasn't rolled off of the corporate cookie-cutter crap machine (or tailored themselves to trail its trivial trends)!... Side Show! rocks you the old fashioned way: REAL musicians playing REAL rock REALLY well.

Believe it or not, someone has actually said 'it's got a great beat and I can dance to it' about this band. But did you know that these three brave men will callously conquere that consummate cliche at each and every show?! Actually, they will bend it right over and defile it... right after their bombastic bass bombardier does the same to you (don't worry, you'll like it). Complement his cannon-fire with some deliciously demoralizing drums, then smother it all with a sadistically sexy six-string snarl. Ooh, Baby! I need a cigarette!

Oh, and for you ladies: there's no 'wham-bam thank you, ma'am' involved with this 100% genuine 'class act.' How about capping off your epic evening with a big shot of provocatively obnoxious attitude and a splash of slapdash (yet stimulating) irreverent wit that is uniquely Side Show!? That's right. They'll give it to you again and again but they'll keep you craving more... every time, baby.

So it's really no wonder why Side Show! calls itself: 'The reason you came.' I must cordially concur. This band will grab you by the hips and heave your hostpitable body in ways that would make a hardcore pornographer blush. Will you feign this fresh behavior as 'absoutely ludicrous?' You might try. That is, of course, until you become receptive enough of Side Show!'s powerfully pernicious punk-funk promulgation to feel the more penetrating pleasures involved... pleasures that can only be facilitated by the threesome with the will to thrill..."

- "The #1 Fan"

"With their attention-grabbing live performances, Side Show! is an unfiltered slice of chaos with groove. Sharp to the senses and sparkling with untamed Funk charisma, they're sexy and obscene. Don't come with a date. Instead, show up stag and let the music guide you to a partner for the night. And the following morning."
- Cincinnati City Beat (2005 MidPoint Music Festival Guide)

"...high energy, groove-pounding..."
- Dayton City Paper

"...irreverent brand of party music..."
- Dayton Daily News

"...elastic six-string bass playing, complete with funk slaps, jazz-inspired solo runs and chunky power chords; fluid drumming with a mix of R&B grooves and heavy metal power; and a muscular guitar tone with a preference for wha-wha jams and distorted leads."
- Don Thrasher, Dayton Daily News

"...a band Mike Patton would be proud of."
- Kris Neises, Dayton City Paper

"Zappa-esque in the best sense: creative and original, not derivative. Musicianship that is tight as a tick in a coon's ear. It's punky - funky but it ain't junky. Groove on."
- Rich (valued fan)


Good Hot Stuff

Written By: Uncle Prunes

You know it's a lot of fun
I know it's a lot of fun, yeah!
I know you wanna have a good time...
It's the hippest drug in the free world
You know it's gonna blow your mind

The other night I got some good hot stuff
b-b-but now I'm fuckin' pissin' flames
I wish I could do this every night
and flush my own soul down the drain

Is it her you love, or is it the sex?
You m-m-might be thinkin' with your pole
More importantly, does she love you back
or does she love her own mode of control?
I'd rather pay money for sex
than p-p-pay for it with my soul
There are only SOME things in life
worth losing for that almighty hole

But, you know, we've always got a choice in life...

Does she feel that she must wear her face?
What is it that she's tryin' to hide?
Isn't beauty much more than skin deep?
What is it that she's tryin' to hide?
Does she feel that she must try to convince you that she's...
pure of heart?
She might be practicing the art of deception
She might tear you apart!
Is she bouncin' from man to man?
Does she keep her exes on a shelf?
Wouldn't you rather find a REAL woman who's not afraid to be by herself?!

Don't be afraid of disconnecting your TELEPHONE!
There's dignity in being alone

why I'd rather feed a starving child
than buy her a diamond ring...
then, it's not worth it.
She's not worth it.

Open for Lunch

Written By: Side Show! (with Mike Minarcek)

Lie back, my love
Give it a whirl
I love the pleasure
of pleasing my girl

I call it

Would you like to come with me?
Shall I bring my water wings?
Or some more...
as sundry things?

Oh my god...
It's gettin' hotter
Oh my god...
It's gettin' wetter
Oh my god...
It's gettin' darker
Oh my god...
I can't breathe, baby!

Throw back the curtains
and peek inside
I'm goin' face first down the

Or maybe...
I'll go spelunkin'

Oh my god...
It's not a hobby
Oh my god...
It's not a job
Oh my god...
It's not a sport, although
Oh my god...
It's kinda gamey!

What we've got is the real thing, darlin'
More than just infatuation
Ain't no trite aural stimulation
In your folds I find inspiration!


Written By: Uncle Prunes

He said she said what?
And who called who a slut?
What happened now? What did I miss?
I don't know so now I'm pissed!
Enraged, inflamed, insane...
That's the nature of the game
I'm gonna blame you and you
Just doin' what you want me to

Got some drama for your head
Got some drama for your head
Got some drama for your head!

Don't tell me to calm down
Fuck you and your haughty crown!
You'd better hope you're not right
'cause my next resort is to bring the fight!
Enraged, inflamed, insane...
That's the nature of the game
I'm gonna get you and you
I'll swing, I'll stab, I'll shoot, I'll sue!!!


...Hipper Than Thou, EP, released 4/30/2005

Set List

We are ready and willing to play one set, 30- 90 minutes long (7-20 songs);
or two sets no longer than 45 minutes each.


Blumpkin Pie
Bottoms Up!
Crazy 8's
Donkey Punch
Gee, Thanks
Good Hot Stuff
[jam in A-minor]
Just as Well...
Ode to the Acorn
Open for Lunch
Prairie Doggin'
The Other White Meat
The Right?
Walk Things Off

(occasional cover) "Fame" by David Bowie