Sideshow O & T'Wayne
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Sideshow O & T'Wayne


Band Hip Hop


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The best kept secret in music


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"Oh, Do You See Us?" 2005
"On Top Of The Game" 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


When I was about 14 years old, I dedicated my entire summer to saving up to buy turntables so that i could be a dj. By the time that 2 years passed, I had been expelled from high school a handful of times and i took the C.H.S.P.E. test to get my diploma early.
Now That I was 16 and out of school, I had to find a carrer to look into. That's when i took an interest in sound engineering. I attended Ex'pression's College for Digital Arts for about a year. By the end of that year, i was out of money, no smarter in the music industry than when i began, and had dropped out of school.
Now with no education and no money, I had to get a job and work to get what I need in this life. In between workin' and partyin', I found the time to record my first album at my house with a stage mic, a fruity loops 5 demo, and ACID Music Studio 5.0. The title of this c.d. was, "Oh, Do You See Us?" which I gave to my friends and aquaintances for no charge just to get my name out there. Word got around and I started building a fan base. Well an old friend of my mom and I, Anthony Woods, had informed me that he was tryin' to start a record label and that he was interested in me. I agreed to re-record my first album in the studio with him and his business partner at the time, Steve.
Well, heads clashed and over a little bit of time, I was back to where I started again: Recordin' at home, and workin' for money. Because if all of the day to day stress that I incured by workin' all day for little to no pay, I picked up a drinkin' habit that got me thrown in jail twice.
By the time i had gotten out of jail, my good friend, Anthony, had settled his money issues with Steve and had set enough aside to open his own label by himself. With the time that I was in jail I had already written another whole album and was ready to wipe my slate clean and start all over again with the whole producing music.
Three months passed and me and my close friend, T'Wayne, had finished recording this new album, "On Top Of The Game." This entire album was done at my house on the same equipment that I had mentioned before with the exception of a new studio quality mic, and a pre amp. With the time knowledge that i ha developed over the years from the trial and error approach at music, I had recorded my first mass produced album. With Anthony along my side the whole way, I had finally gotten to pursue my dreams instead of chase them. And this is only the beginning. I'm almost done with my next album which is sure to surpass it's predecessor by leaps and bounds.

-SideShow O aka Idesae O'Shea O