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The best kept secret in music


"The Incurable Romantic"

This band's music features both killer guitar parts
and wide ranging vocals.

The band's music is described as both passive and
aggressive and that description fits their music

This CD is filled with songs that at one moment have
you feeling like you just ate a red hot pepper and the
very next moment a cool mellow feeling as if you just
ate an ice cream cone.

The music has an ebb and flow like that of a tidal
wave with its major style changes. That's okay though
because it works on this CD.

It keeps your attention and lets your ears know that
they're alive!

The overall point of the CD is just how great and
unbelievable that God's Favor and Grace is for us.

It doesn't matter that we mess up sometimes and can't
be perfect God still loves us.

Are you ready to get your mind and ears musically
awakened? Then get yourself a copy of this CD. - C.W. Ross

"Revolver Wedding"

Don’t look for much information on the band’s website, as it’s just under construction, so I can’t tell you much about Sides of the North. But I can say how much I like the singer’s voice. Oh, it’s not drastically different from emo singers, but it’s not in the least whiney, and in its louder moments, it’s remarkably clear and precise, and I think that’s what makes “Revolver Wedding” so nice for me.

Granted, the music is pretty impressive too. Although this is marked as a ‘pre-production’ version of the song, the quality is pretty good. The six-plus-minute track rides some softly melodic guitar lines and hints of keyboards, creating something that feels moody yet as if it’s brimming with potential energy, about to burst into something more frantic at any minute. At the four-minute mark, it does build on heavy guitar lines, but the pace is still fairly slow, and the singer’s voice soars above the guitars. There’s some nice effects used here that give the song a very original feel.

I was looking for something to go with Joe’s review of Malady, browsing the same mp3 site that he used to find Malady, and this was the first thing I found that I actually liked. Since it’s more fun to review songs I like, I couldn’t resist writing about it. Surprisingly, after a few listens, I like this song more and more. It’s pretty, and the singer very much impresses me. I wonder how good the post-production version of the song will sound. - Jeff March @ Delusions of Adequacy


"Slowly and Sometimes Never" - Released independently 2003. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Lunchington Studios.

"The Incurable Romantic" - Released on Word of Mouth Records, March 8th, 2005. Recorded and mixed by Joe Secchiaroli .

10/20 Underground Rock Show - DVD video compilation - 2004. Sides of the North has two songs ("Melody Cruise-in" and "Featherly Bridge") recorded live in Ohio for this Spindust Records DVD compilation video. Filmed, recorded, edited, and mastered by Offcenter studios, released on Spindust records.

"The Incurable" and "You Red Devil" are available for download at and


Feeling a bit camera shy


“It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it. The motive is everything"- A.W. Tozer

“We feel music is a medium to open doors. We make music to let people know that we’re different. It doesn’t matter where we play or who the audience is ?we want them to know we have a deeper meaning in all we do, both onstage and off,?states Matt, vocalist for Sides of the North.

For the past 5 years, the Dayton, Ohio based Sides of the North have been evolving. Their music has progressed to a style some call passive aggressive, with huge guitars and driving backbeats while being vocally driven. This is untamed music that didn’t forget the melody line.

Their debut full length “The Incurable Romantic?will release March 8 through Word of Mouth Records, and was produced by Joe Secchiaroli from the band Adelaide. Matt continues, “The theme of the record really is just simply about the relationship between God and us. It’s about the romance. There is no way for us to ever be good enough, be doing enough, be perfect enough to be worthy of God’s favor. Yet He’s a hopeless romantic that loves to bless us anyway.?

Influences: The Muse, Cave in, The Mars Volta