Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

The Original Band where the Colombian stars are Born. Nothing you’ve ever heard before!!


Talk about getting lost in music.

The Sidestepper story began with the sui generis singles "Maine" and "Logozo" (Palms Phat Global ..1) - mighty 12-inches that brought Latin fire to the dancehall - and continued with the South American vs. London dance floor clash found on More Grip and 3 a.m. (in beats we trust).

Richard Blair was a rising producer in the U.K., working with Peter Gabriels Real World sound factory and a host of international stars when he took a fateful detour to Bogota, Colombia, back in 1992. Thinking he would spend a few months, Blair remained in Colombia for three years, transformed the local music scene, and then returned to the U.K. under the nom-du-club Sidestepper and did the same to Londons percolating drum n bass scene.

More Grip, 3 A.M. (In Beats We Trust), other albums are 21st century salsa, drum n bass direct from the developing world. Imagine the heat of Latin club shot through with endorphin rush of junglist clatter or the boom of a drum n bass session deepened with tropical percussion and horns. Forget what you heard, Sidestepper is the real Latin boom!!!

Sidespteppers newest Single "Paloma" takes the bands vision further, wrapping vocals and live instruments around his devastating bass lines. Featuring some of Colombias most lethal singers and players like Aterciopelados vocalist Andrea Echeverri and Carlos Vives songwriter/Bloque vocalist Ivan Benavides, Sidestepper does for Latin music what Bristol prophets Massive Attack and Roni Size did for R&B, jungle, and hip-hop.


3 a.m
21st century salsa
More Grip
La Buena Vibra Sound System

Set List

Rite Now
La bara ratin
Me voy andando
Me voy tripiando
Lo Gozo
Linda manigua sunrise Mix
In beats we trust groucho mix
San juan good Vibe Mix
Walking foward mix
deja let it flow
Chevere q´chevere
Hoy Tenemos