SideStreet KED

SideStreet KED

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

SideStreet KED is The Dungeon Family's Premier Artist.


SideStreet KED Pop Music's future icon. With the Dungeon Family, he honed in on his craft and developed his highly energetic stage show. SideStreet KED is known for his eccentric personality and his music that fuses rap with heavy metal, rock, punk rock, funk and soul music. With his notable musical show case series “Thi!nK N3w...” SideStreet KED gives his listeners exactly what they want...Something NEW!


UnCool (Single) 2012

Hey U! (Single) 2011

Set List

Intro - 00:30
Gnarly - 3:30
UnCool - 3:30
She Likes - 3:30
Hey U! - 3:30
Her Head - 4:30