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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
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"The Avenue Kid"

SideStreet KED is one of ATL’s finest and he is on track to become an international icon.
Being the first ever rapper to record with US songstress Taylor Swift – and with other high profile household names lining up to work with the second generation Dungeon Family member… Rawroots wanted to be the first UK site to get the latest scoop on The Effn Gangleader!

SideStreet Ked – First rapper ever to record with Taylor Swift! How does it feel and when are we gonna hear the single over here in the UK?
SideStreet KED: I can’t say much about it right now but, it is being prepped for release. I think the ‘Hey Stephen’ Remix is a great record and Taylor Swift writes awesome songs. Appearing on records with her has been really cool and the response from her fans was overwhelming. At this point I’m telling everyone to request ‘Hey Stephen’ Remix Featuring SideStreet KED by Taylor Swift at your local, Online and Satellite radio stations.

How was SXSW? Tell me about it
SSK: It was Awesome! In the past I’ve stayed away from music conventions and seminars thinking that they were giant rip offs aimed at exploiting the dreams of aspiring artist but, SXSW isn’t that at all. It’s more like a giant concert exploded all over Austin, TX. By the way, Shouts to Jeff Yapp & for flying me down & for all the hospitality. They gave me a Sony Bloggie Cam too so, that was swag! Also Shouts to Rachael Rae… She throws Killer Parties! I got major love from the people there and a great response from my performances. I would love to go again next year.

We know ‘Dungeoneze’ is a language most are fluent in over in the states – but give us a little taster of it. How can we learn over here in the UK?
SSK: Dungeoneze is a language that comes from the heart. You have to feel it to speak it. But, most people understand it. I think I’m gonna start an online Dungeoneze course for those interested. For now, you can go to and pick up Dungeoneze “Dungeon Up!” Vol.1. that’s the introductory course.

How does it feel to be a part of the Dungeon Family?
SSK: It’s a blessing. It’s a curse. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes me stronger. The 1st generation Dungeon Family’s artists set the bar. Following groups like OutKast & The Goodie Mob may as well be an impossible task but, the key is that the music comes from the heart. I don’t & never will try to be OutKast or Goodie Mob. My aim isn’t to live off of the legacy, my aim is to add on to the legacy. My job is to prove to the world that lightening does strike in the same place twice. Or in my case… in the same place over and over again.

If I were to ask you what your style of music is, what would you say?
SSK: I like to call it PunkHop. That’s not to say that it sounds like Punk Rock & Hip Hop mixed, That’s to say that the energy feels like Hip Hop & Punk Rock Mixed. My sound is very diverse. I believe in the artform & the philosophy that each new artist adds on to the legacy and brings something new to the art. That’s the only way to expand our horizons.

Do you have any other big collabs lined up?
SSK: I can’t say much about my upcoming projects but, right now I’m working on more records for Taylor Swift as well as Bruno Mars & Rascal Flatts for the MixMeIn Project. I’ve also done a Record for Katy Perry that I’m really digging.

Is ‘Thi!nk N3w: Kill Fashion’ coming to Europe?
SSK: I would love for it to go to Europe. Thi!nK N3w… is a direct presentation of current American urban culture and popular subculture. Kill Fashion is a rebel brand developed by me & Mr. Fish that is housed by Thi!nK N3w… Its uncensored fun in its purest form and should be experienced worldwide.
What makes you ‘The Effn Gangleader’?
SSK: Having the ability to influence others.

What you got planned for 2011 and what are you currently working on?
SSK: This year I’m going to release The Gnarly EP & The Push Button Future. Does GangLeader Vol.4 count? It’s out now

SideStreet Ked is…
The Avenue Kid. -

"The Effn GangLeader!!!"

It’s a scorching hot day in Atlanta during the Summer of 2010 and I’m in my hotel room trying not to roast.

I get a call from Teabag Da Herbalist, inviting me to an event he would be performing at later named ‘Kill Fashion’. Sure, why not? Despite the heat I was dying to get out in the evening when the sun goes down. He text me the name of the venue, Ponder Wonder and I arrived on time (and extremely thirsty). After grabbing myself a cup ofF pink lemonade in the bar a couple doors down, I returned to the store and found a comfortable sofa to sit down and wait for the show to start.

It was in a really, cool boutique. Dazzling sneakers, tees with prints of super heroes and a glass jewellery cabinet filled with handmade earrings and a rack for shades. Super eclectic and full of energy just like the night. A series of acts performed that night and they were all – so incredible. I had a great night.

The last act to perform was SideStreet KED. Dressed in cool three quarter length shorts and mad colorful sneakers and shades... he took to the centre of the ‘stage’ and began belting tracks. Everyone in the store was singing along most word for word and I - by the end of the sp;performance, was singing along too. It was clear to see that in Atlanta, SideStreet KED was some sort of celebrity and it wasn’t until I went away and did a little research that I realised that his fans spread far further out that Georgia. SideStreet Ked is more than just a music artist, he’s an Icon. SideStreet KED is a creative genius and is about to launch his attack on the mainstream. I admire his art and you know what... he’s actually a pretty cool, down to earth guy.

ATP: Thank you very much for agreeing to do this
SSK: No doubt. Thanks for having me.
ATP: First question I wanna know is where does the name ‘SideStreet KED actually come from?
SSK: Uhhh... It’s a derivative of my real name. It’s like a nickname I was given by some of my high school friends. It was easier to say than my real name so KED kind of stuck. Then, after being in the Dungeon for a while... Sleeping on them cold floors with the O.G.’s and what not, I was given another nickname by Backbone – who is a first generation Dungeon Family artist. He calls himself ‘Front Street Shawty’. We used to get it in back in the day so, he kind of named me SideStreet. Then, people put the two together and it became SideStreet KED.
ATP: Have you always resided in Atlanta? because I know when I’ve listened to a couple of your tracks, they seemed to have a West Coast influence or feel to them
SSK: Yeah. Actually, I’m from California.
ATP: Ahhh. Right
SSK: I’m from Carson, California which is borders Compton and Long Beach. I come back and forth through Atlanta and California a lot. The Dungeon is based in Atlanta so I spend a lot of time here. But I’m from California so my sound is definitely West Coast. I’m a California artist but I have that Southern montage goin’ on. You know what I mean? I like to call it CaliforniATLien MusiK.
ATP: Right! You’ve made reference to the Dungeon Family. Now I checked out the promo vid for ‘Dungeon Up’ – It was sooo fresh! Seriously! That video – whoa! Can you just tell us a bit about the Dungeon Family and teach me ‘DungeonEze’! I wanna learn! How do I do that?
SSK: You speakin’ it right now
ATP: *Laughs*
ATP: Mmm Hmm.
SSK: So, what happens is that we end up with our own style, slang and philosophy. That makes ‘Dungeoneze’. It makes us unique. ‘Dungeoneze’ is a culture in itself. It’s like saying ‘I’m Hip Hop’. That’s what we spring forth from. There’s me, I’m kind of like a hybrid artist. I’ve been down with the Dungeon Family since day one. Since the first OutKast album, since I came to Atlanta... I was a kid! I was blessed with the time to be able to learn from one of Hip Hop’s most legendary groups. So, I feel that I embody the sound of the new generation of Dungeon Family music. There’s so many of us that I don’t really wanna start naming names because I might leave somebody out but, When it comes to Part One of the Promo video we shot, (Dungeoneze “Dungeon Up” Vol.1 Mixtape Promo *see above* ) there was 6 of us. There was me, Jawz Of Life – he’s from Decatur, Georgia. Then you have Malachi, he’s from South Carolina. There’s Big Vision – he’s from the west side of Atlanta. Adrift Da Belle, she’s from New Jersey...
SSK: Yeah, she’s Dope. Raw lyrics, Awesome voice. Also, there’s Shred The Verbal Tongue. He’s from North Carolina. So, basically what we’re tryna do is introduce the world to us. Our new sound. People have been wondering what’s been up with the Dungeon Family, what we’ve been doing and what’s been up with Organized Noize well... This is what’s up. Dungeoneze. (Dungeoneze “Dungeon Up!” Vol.1 Mixtape )
ATP: That’s cool! Do people ever compare you to any of the artists out there [in the mainstream]?
SSK: Ummm... Yeah.
ATP: Like who?
SSK: I get compared to a couple artists out there. I don’t necessarily think that I’m like any other artist per se. I’m not super, uber different from everybody but I’m definitely my own unique person and artist. I don’t think I sound like anybody else. I’ve been doing this for a long time and that’s why I feel that way about it because as the years change or as time changes, the artists that I’m compared to changes. It depends on who’s on the scene. It could go anywhere from Kurupt to Kanye West to B.O.B to Lupe Fiasco to Jay Z, Emenem to... I heard somebody holler out Psychodrama one day! It can go a lot of different places. But right now, it seems to be B.O.B.
ATP: B.O.B. Ok. Who are YOU listening to right now? Who’s in your IPOD?
SSK: Ummm... That’s a good question. Let’s see. In my IPOD right now... I listen to a lot of stuff. The funny thing is I’ve been listening to a lot of Grime music like Skepta. I just can’t remember all of the names right now.
ATP: *Surprised* Oh, Ok...
SSK: They’ll be like, 30 different people on one beat. I’ve been listening to a lot of that lately. I kinda dig it. I’ve been doing different work lately, working with some different artist so, I’ve been having to listen to different kinds of music. Like, I’m working with Taylor Swift right now so yeah, I’ve been listening to her. A few artists I’m working with like Katy Perry and One Republic. Then as far as rap goes I listen to Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne – stuff like that. Nikki Minaj etc... but, I listen to a lot of Indie artists that people may not have heard of before like Yonasda and Spree Wilson... Actually, Atlanta has a lot of talent that be killin’it – like Muffy, Rastafunk, Naira and Weapons of Audio. People just don’t know about them. Of course I listen to myself and I got Big Boi’s album. I listen to Kanye, J.Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Electronica and the list goes on.
ATP: Yeah. That’s quite a few. Really diverse mix. Did you say you were into Grime music. Like UK Grime?
SSK: Yeah. I’ve been listening to UK Grime for like 2 years.
ATP: Wow. That’s awesome!
SSK: They have it on Youtube. I be on Youtube watchin' the Grime videos and stuff. That’s how I got turned on to it. I like the tracks first off. That’s what kinda drew me to it. Then I started really listening to the rhyme because being from LA, the Grime style is really kind of how we used to rap back in the day. Fast paced, choppy and the cadence is real similar. It’s just without the accent.
ATP: I gotta ask this for our readers. What is special about SideStreet Ked? What’s different? Why should our readers go and cop one of your cd’s?
SSK: Well, one thing I can say about myself is that I’m an all round artist. I can go through all the different genres and sounds and I can pretty much do it all. Plus, with me... always expect the unexpected because I keep ‘em comin’. I got a bag full of tricks. A lot of people just don’t know where I get it from. You know what I mean? I’m always trying to push my creative boundaries. I’m not one of those artists that likes to sit in their comfort zone – catch a hit and then everything after that gotta sound the exact same. That’s not what I do. I’m always trying to be cutting edge and creative and push myself. It’s not for anyone else, it’s for me. I wanna see how far I can go. I’m not a space cadet, just going off the cuff and being so esoteric that nobody understands me. I’m trying to relate to people. I’m trying to serve a purpose because at the end of the day I feel that as artists we have a responsibility to better the world. That’s what we do when you put it in perspective. Some people may take a grotesque route. Some people may be vulgar some people may be this or that but, at the end of the day it’s all meant to better the world in some sort of way. Either by showing you the worst that could happen, by showing you something that could be better or by showing you something that is better . As artists we’re always trying to express life in various ways. So when people pick up my music, that’s what I want them to recognise when they play it. It’s always different and cutting edge, pushing the boundaries and at the same time delivering some sort of message to you. Something about life or something that the average person may not even have time to stop, look at or recognise and appreciate. As an artist, that’s what I do. I have an eye for that. So I can present it to you.
ATP: What are you working on at the moment? I know you have an album coming out – ‘The Push Button Future’ right?
SSK: Correct
ATP: When is that being released?
SSK: I’m hoping that I can keep up with the date but, it’s scheduled to be released on March 10th. And right now, you are the first person to know that. I kind of been keeping that a secret but, March 10th is the actual release date for The Push Button Future. This album, I’m really excited about! I can’t wait to put it out and get people’s reaction to it. Everybody says ‘I feel like this is my best work!’ – I can’t really say that because I’ve been workin’ on four separate projects at one time and I feel like all of them are my best work. But I really feel that this project is going to be a milestone for me. This is one of those albums. ‘The Push Button Future’ - people will remember that one.
ATP: Are there any artists featuring on this album?
SSK: Ummm... No. Not really.
ATP: It’s you!
SSK: It’s just pretty much me.
ATP: Awesome! You hardly see that nowadays.
SSK: I do have some in house features but, I don’t have any real ‘feature/ collaborations’ beyond that. My girlfriend is an artist herself and we have been talking about doing a project together for some years now.
ATP: That’s Folami, right?
SSK: Yeah, Folami – yeah. Even though it’s my album and it’s my creation, I definitely use her as an instrument on this album. I think that she does a great job on it.
ATP: *Goes all gooey* Awww... That’s really sweet. I’m getting all emotional.
SSK: Yeah. She’s awesome but, other than that It’s pretty much just me. I have her doing a lot of different parts on it. I also have a record on there with another native Atlantan artist named Richelle L. Brown and the lead single features Muffy. That’s pretty much it. 90% of the album is produced by me. The other 10% by Organized Noize. I’m pulling out some live instruments playing bass, guitar, keys... everything. I’m goin’ in but, it’s definitely a pop album I would say. Even more so than pop, it’s more on the dance/ electronic side but definitely hip hop – like a hip hop rendition of it. ‘Hey U’ is actually the first single to that album. I’ve leaked that on the web and I’m about to drop this video to it.
ATP: Yeah, I saw the pictures for the video. There’s a lot of females in that video.
*Both laugh*
SSK: Yeah. It’s an all girl pillow fight.
ATP: Whose idea was that then?
SSK: Uhhh... Well, y’know... All I can say is that when you put a guy like me with a Director like Dirty Williams... First off, when your Director’s name is ‘Dirty’ – you know, you gotta keep your eyes open. So yeah... Imma blame that on Dirty.
ATP: Ok. Blame it on him (still laughing)
SSK: We put that together. We were trying to figure out how we could capture the mood of that song. The song is so fun and playful. It’s really just having a good time. The song is really about the first time you see somebody. You know , you ever been out somewhere – and you see someone that catches your eye? That’s really what it’s about. It’s about seeing that person for the first time like’ Hey. I wanna meet you. Let’s have some fun. Let’s go out. You know? That kind of thing. I felt like that video captured the mood so well. I can’t wait til that’s out. That should be out in a week.
ATP: I have to ask, is ‘Kill Fashion’ still going?
SSK: Yes! Kill Fashion is an ongoing event . We’re continuously growing in popularity.
ATP: Bring it to London! Bring Kill Fashion to London.
SSK: That’s what I wanna do! I wanna come to London.
ATP: Yeah, you need to bring Kill Fashion to London. That was so awesome and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it over here. I haven’t.
SSK: I’d never seen anything like it HERE. There’s nothing like that. It’s kind of like an idea I had based on my Thi!nK N3w showcase. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and what I basically do is I bring new and innovative talent, ideas and products to Atlanta on stage because Atlanta is kind of the hub for new in the US right now. You know, new music and stuff like that. So as I meet new artists I’ll put together different line ups and promote it. I thought about it and I’m like, man it’s been goin’ so good here the notoriety’s been growing , I wish that I could show people anywhere what’s going on here. So, that’s how the Kill Fashion idea came up – like, ‘You know what? Let’s do an online show.
ATP: And the venue was on point as well... Just everything about that night just really meshed together so well. It was just really cool. Really, really cool.
SSK: Yeah. It was really called ‘Thi!nK N3w online presents Kill Fashion’. The reason we did that is because Ponder Wonder is a new clothing store in Atlanta. They are all about trends and fashion and new stuff. Everything new. It was like – ‘That’s perfect! We can do it here’ that way we can showcase the store as well. Kind of our way of supporting the community that supports us as artist. Plus, performing in that kind of venue gives you a chance to get loose... like really get loose. You know what I mean? I have a broad fan base mainly outside of Atlanta always wanting to check out shows and see stuff and they hit me up ‘When you comin’ here? When are you performing here?’. So I figured, may as well just do it online. They can sit at home and watch me.
ATP: Last couple of questions. I always ask this question to every artist – Describe your relationship with hip hop in 3 words
SSK: My relationship with hip hop in 3 words. Hmmm... I’m gonna have to go with... That’s a good one. 3 words? I wanna give you a book! Ummm... How about 3 syllables?
SSK: Dun- geon – EZE!!!
ATP: Alright. We’ll go with that! And last of all, where can our readers find you online? Call out some of your sites real quick so that they can look you up.
SSK: OK. Facebook – It’s SideStreet Ked . My Twitter is @SideStreetKed. Anything else you wanna know, you can Google SideStreet Ked. I wanna say, be on the lookout too. Imma be the first rapper ever to collab with Taylor Swift. I’m did a remix of ‘Hey Stephen’ and I’m actually doing her whole new album now. I remixed two tracks off her last album which they really dug and that’s what got me into the new album. I'm also working on a remix for One Republic to be released through a new multimedia platform called Mix Me In and I'm releasing an EP with them called "Gnarly". I also have the GangLeader Mixtape series available for free download on & The Dungeoneze Mixtape “Dungeon Up!” Vol.1 is available on and last but, not least... to book SideStreetKED email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanx again to for having The Effn GangLeader chop it up!!! DF4L.I.F.E.!!! EZE UP!!!

Ayara ‘That Poet’ and all of would like to thank SideStreet Ked for the time he took out from the studio to do this interview. “Hey U!” video out soon! Make sure y’all check that out and be on the lookout for the new SideStreet KED album ‘The Push Button’ Future in March! ATF READERS – GO CHECK HIM OUT!!!

- Across The Fader


SideStreet KED, Dungeoneze:
With the Dirty South slated to get its props at VH1's Hip Hop Honors (airing June 7th 2010), Organized Noize Architects Rico Wade and Ray Murray are still spreading new progeny with New Dungeon Family Artist SideStreet KED. - Creative Loafing


UnCool (Single) 2012

Hey U! (Single) 2011



SideStreet KED Pop Music's future icon. With the Dungeon Family, he honed in on his craft and developed his highly energetic stage show. SideStreet KED is known for his eccentric personality and his music that fuses rap with heavy metal, rock, punk rock, funk and soul music. With his notable musical show case series “Thi!nK N3w...” SideStreet KED gives his listeners exactly what they want...Something NEW!