Sidetrack started in 2004 with 2 best friends and a love of music. Since then 2 additional friends jumped on board and with their heartfelt unique talent, Sidetrack continues to rock each venue with meaningful originals and covers that can tame your mood or set you off on a crunch driven ride.


Our originals contain catchy melodies effortlessly combined with clean or crunching guitar rhythms and held together by unique drumming.

What makes Sidetrack so unique is the diversity of each member. Becca brings in the bit of Country, Lucy has a love for Classic Rock, Alex brings his love of Rock in general along with his classical talent and Erin fills the rest with her energetic pounding rhythms with an Alternative feel.

We were all brought togehter to share our love of music with anyone who will listen. We encourage our friends and fans to let go of their worries and enjoy great music, dancing and laughing.


Sidetrack - Come Together 2007

Set List

A typical hour long set consists of a blend of originals and cover songs.

Go On and Cry- Sidetrack
Somebody to Love- Jefferson Airplane
The Joker- Steve Miller
Gimme Shelter- Rolling Stones
My Love- Sidetrack
Come With Me- Sidetrack
Take It On The Run- REO Speedwagon
All The Small Things- Blink 182
Seems To Me- Sidetrack