Sidewalk Cafe

Sidewalk Cafe


Sidewalk Cafe plays music in the spirit of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. A truly collaborative effort, the band combines virtuosic rhythmic drive with emotional engagement that moves listeners whenever they perform. These are three American musicians reinvigorating the tradition.


A favorite at the prestigious Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, Sidewalk Cafe does not take Parisian swing lightly. Each player, intense and unique in his own right, deeply involves audiences with true improvisational prowess. The band's point of departure is French Gypsy jazz of the 1930's and its companion form, the musette. But here are distinctly American players, all three with singular sound and approach in performances that are anything but traditional Hot Club.

The group started with a desire by guitarist Philipsek and violinist Schulte to be more expressive and creative within the Gypsy jazz genre than past projects had allowed. The addition of bassist Brueske's deeply-felt groove completed a perfect trio where such aspirations could come to fruition. The resulting music is joyous, swinging, strutting, riveting, melodic, and totally in the moment. Jeremy Walker, former Dakota curator said it well: "Sidewalk Cafe is a hard-swinging group that plays with bravado and passion that transcends the genre and captures its fundamental appeal and excitement."

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CD release 2005 "Musette Cinq" self-produced.

Set List

Typical set length is 45 minutes. The music is usually split half and half between originals and cover tunes from the Hot Club/Jazz repertoire. Depending on need, Sidewalk Cafe can provide up to four hours of music. Typical concert set list:

Sweet Georgia Brown
Sans Souci(original)
C'est Si Bon
Autumn Leaves
My Honey's Lovin' Arms
Swing Gitan

Tango Blue(original)
A Thousand Dreams Ago
Stompin at the Savoy
Dark Eyes