Sidewalk Wildflower

Sidewalk Wildflower


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Written By: Kira Prather

You look into my eyes but your mind is someplace else
Wish I could give you more than broken pieces of myself
There's a wall between us made of broken glass
that we can't get past

My hands are shaking as I light this cigarette
So many consequences left unsaid
And all these cloudy thoughts are storming in my head
Have we reached the end?

Chorus: I want you near me, but I'm shoving you away
I try to let you go while begging you to stay
So many dangers looming once it starts
I'm taking shelter now before it falls apart

You give me sunshine days so I ignore the rain
and hopeless feelings creeping up on me again
You hold me in your arms, but I'm pulling from your touch
This tenderness cuts

When we are close together, fingers tightly laced
Our bodies touching but between our hearts there's so much space
Something inside me can't love you deep enough
For both of us


Apart, apart
Before it falls apart