Sideways Portal

Sideways Portal


Sideways Portal is a collaboration between 4 distinctive musicians who believe that with intention and forgiveness music can be made that enlightens, broadens, educates, and ultimately fulfills the human spirit. Their spontaneous compositions blend jazz, funk, world and other styles.


Sideways Portal formed in the Summer of 2007 - what began as a series of jam sessions and recording sessions at veteran musician (and "All About Jazz" featured artist) Dave Storrs' studio, turned into something more lasting. Sideways Portal is able to make music on-the-spot and creates unique settings that foster improvisation. As the band enters the "portal" the audience is also transported. It's a place where music, spirit, mind and matter converge, and reveal the higher power of music and its boundless nature.


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Set List

Sideways Portal features:

* All original music
* Top notch players
* Our sets are a musical education - from free Jazz to re-interpreted standards, to ground breaking electronics and effects mixed in with our spontaneous compositions.
* We often engage our audience in our process, particularly when we're creating music on the fly, which is what this group does most of the time.
* Rather than having a set list, we have more a library of settings, approaches and philosophies about our music that allows us to reach beyond the typical and produce music that is original, accessible, but with remarkable artistic depth.