Sideways Stewie

Sideways Stewie


The only band in our region with radio worthy music ! People would say most of our songs remind them of The Kooks. We try to keep things simple because none of us like the overproduced songs of today. We all like to hear individual instruments. Despite of homerecordings, give our songs a chance!


Sideways Stewie is a band from Deurne, The Netherlands ( Holland) playing original songs.
Bandmembers Nico Wagemans - singer/guitarist and Joris van Zeeland - drummer founded the band, later came Jeroen Creanmehr - bassplayer and Michel Janssen - guitarist.
The band is inpired by bands like Radiohead, Muse, The Kooks, Nirvana and even Thin Lizzy.


No one comes close
Far away
Most probably never
Die alone
Not where I belong

Who I am