MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Described as the new against-the-grain response to our time, Sidharta's live performances match the explosive energy in their recordings Thundering drums, melodic grit-ridden vocals dissonant guitar and warm bass lines coalesce with punk mentality to create a noisy rock experiment known as Sidharta.


A story woven together from years of self-determination
and purpose, Sidharta stands apart in a sea of commonality.
Their debut EP "The Sid Matter" served up a Surrealist dose
of reality with thundering beats, seductive melodies, and
catchy hooks.
With a growing fan base and unshakable motivation,
Sidharta was signed to the Toronto-based Addictive
Records/Universal. Sidharta released "Rendez Vous" their
first full-length album. "Rendez Vous" explored diverging
themes with narrative simplicity and sonic prowess. The
album delivered hit after hit song with serrated rage,
growling vocals and highly addictive melodies and climbed
to the 3rd spot of the Maple Music Rock Charts (Universal).
After dedicating over a year to touring world wide ( with 72
shows under their belt), Sidharta has touched down once
again and is ready to start another chapter.
Sidharta has laid down tracks with with multi-platinum
Producer F. Bornemann (The Rolling Stones, Scorpions,
Guano Apes) as well as Canadian producer Steve Durand
(Melissa Auf der Maur) who have offered to produce new
material for the band. With a solid team backing and a
crystal clear vision, Sidharta is ready to shake the ground
once again.
Here comes the now generation.


- New L.P Demos (2012)
Recorded Pre-productions for new songs in Germany and
South of France during the Summer 2012:
New single Furiosa available for streaming at It also airs daily on YouFM (Mons, BE).

- "Rendez-Vous" E.P (2008)
Released by Addictive Records/Universal. Recorded in Paris
(France) by Olivier Mantel at Haxo Studios. Mastered by
Harris Newman (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver MT Zion, Merge Records artists) at Grey Market Mastering studios, Montreal (Canada).
Available for free download at

Set List

60 minutes.
- My Little Monkey Friend
- Mine
- Park Avenue
- Draw me a Sheep
- Furiosa
- My Silly Melody
- Mike the Fly
- Mississippi Burning
- Kiss the Moon
- Rage of Innocence
- Cardboard Crown