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I'm a high motivated music machine, producing the majority of my own music as well as writing the lyrics, performing them, and booking shows. As a young child I yearned for a type of music fusing the emotions and energy of hip-hop with the precision and timbre of electronica/house.


It’s not easy for a 6’4” white boy to be taken seriously when he busts out rapping 500 syllables per minute. It’s always easier to laugh than to admit the truth – there are some white guys who can rap. It’s a good thing stereotypes like that didn’t stop this California born artist from making music. It’s time someone stepped up and fused the best of both worlds – hip hop and pop. Sure, he’s not the first to try and reinvent the wheel; he’s just the first to throw in some techno and take you for an extra spin.

“As I a kid, I loved to write, I came up with some of the craziest stories. My dad thought they were pretty stupid, but I just did what I loved to do, and lots of it.” H was naturally artistic in everything that he touched; whether it was writing, drawing, or making movies. It was early in his teen years that he realized that music would be his main platform to showcase his talents. At 13 he made one of his first beats, Call Me. “I remember telling my girlfriend at the time that I wrote an N’sync – styled love song. I guess I wasn’t accurate in my comparison or maybe missed what I was going for because she told me it sounded nothing like N’sync.”

Even though his family didn’t take his music seriously, he knew he was on to something when he won his 11th and 12th grade talent show. Pretty soon everyone on campus was going around singing, “When you’re feeling down you gotta hump around.” Hump Around reached enough popularity in the small city of Missoula Montana that the local studio, Hibillis Records, decided to get their hands on this prodigy before anyone else beat them to it. Without much negotiating, a record deal was made and Sid Bostwick was a signed musician. “I was 16 and working at a pizza place, I barely had enough money to buy a blank disc to burn a demo of my music for the studio. They didn’t care, the talent was worth the risk.”

the on his first C.D., Road to Rhythm City, showcased his huge vocal range and the ability to mix up R&B with sounds reminiscent to Eminem’s Lose Yourself, and more serious tracks like End of the World. “That first CD was really just a sample of everything I had developed since I started music.” Like an art gallery people came and commented on what they liked and what they didn’t like, taking home a select few masterpieces. This picking and choosing was eliminated completely in his second album, Siditious. It has a more refined sound, a signature style and a mature approach. Songs like “Ocean Emotion” have so much vulnerability driven by catchy choruses

There is still a long ways to go for the white rapper with "Infectious hooks" as producer Richard McIntosh puts it. With goals of reaching a national level, he'll just keep doing what he does best with the hopes that one day Siditious will be a household name.


Call Me

Written By: Siditious

it's a supernatural touch
from a secret admirer
the melody of your voice
is what brings me higher
it's going to far
to want to stand by her
I just need some audio
with you as supplier

Just Call Me
I'll be Waiting by the phone
Just Call Me
If you don't want to be alone

the rain, rain drops
and here I stand
with my face against the window
here I stand
as the clouds flow, flow
in the sky
with my face against the window
here am I
the desaturated blue
encouraging my depression
no hope for the phone
is what I'm guessing
but I'll wait, wait here
just to see
if you'll pick up that phone
and indulge in me

here is the place
here is the place
I'm living
your voice is the place
the place
that I'm driven
that sound is reverberating
in my ears
that sound will hold true
for many years
don't tell me theres someone else
on your line
if it's your girlfriend
that would be fine
but if you were to share your voice
to another man
I couldn't take it
no way I can
here is the place
here is the place
I'm living
your voice is the place
the place
I'm driven
that sound is reverberating
in my ears
that sound will hold true
for many years

Hump Around

Written By: Siditious

when your days dont seem
to be on the right track
when the going gets worse
when the going gets whack
when that feelings you're worthless
keeps coming back
you don't hide yourself
in a cloth sack
when you get fired from your job
on the first day
when your girls dumps ya
cuz she thinks you're gay
it doesn't matter what you
do or say
cuz your horoscope said
you'd die today
but what goes around
comes around, and around,
and around, and around
and eventually you'll be
on the top owning the scene
there's less of me
than more of me
that's why I'm hyperventilating
the fact I'm so rapidly degrading
my performance wont even earn
a two point rating
cuz what stays down
won't rise, won't rise, won't rise
won't rise, but eventually
you'll be on the top B

la, la la la la
la la, la la la la

When You're Feeling Down
You gotta hump around
move it to the sound
your glory will be newfound

one I wake up
two early in the morn
three's too early
four you to sound the horn
so by five or six
I'm tired and heck
and by seven
I'm a freakin bloody wreck
so I eight my pain
and used it as adrenaline
to help me beat the beats
and do it over again
I'm gonna show you
what I do
when I me-me-me-me-mess up
fools like you
I go down on the ground
and I spin it all around
then I'm back on my hips
and doing this dip
then I'm on my head
and losing my mind
and this aint the last time
so now I up the ante
and start pouring out the skill
so if you had any at first
you couldn't break my will
to live and beat and hear this song
so the saying I've got it wrong
will be a feint dong
the less I've got to lose
the more I've got to prove
that anyone though otherwise
hasn't seen this groove
so break a leg
or break some hip
cuz if you don't
you're going to
get some lip
and I'd rather
they just gave the tip
cuz ya that's my diction
I'm gonna show you
what I do
when I mess up fools like you


Call Me
Hump Around
Just Crash
Static Comatose
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'The Bakers EP'
Call Me
Give Me Back to Me (winter mix)
Hump Around
Poc 2
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'Road To Rhythm City'
Poc To Kil
Call Me
Beautiful Day in the Hood
End Of the World
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The Company
Veni Vidi Vichi
Penny Symphony
Dont Give Me Back
April 20

'2007 Promo'
All I Want
Cant Take My Eyes off of you
Funk The Mainstream
What Do I Mean
Ocean Emocean

Discography is listed from most recent...I also have roughly 500 instrumental beats and about 60 different songs I've recorded that are unreleased.

Set List

A typical set runs about 55 minutes of all original music, with the exception of a Billy Jean cover with my version of the beat.