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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop Electronic




"Los Angeles Rapper Sidizen King on Electronic Hip-Hop, Fashion & Lauryn Hill"

LA-based musician Sidizen King is revolutionizing hip-hop from the inside out—his combination of electronica, indie rock, rap and house makes for a style King refers to as “Electronic Hip-Hop.” The rapper already has an established following, and his constant output makes King one of rap’s most prolific up-and-comers.

Tracks like “One Day” and “Disappear” featuring LA rock band The Moth and The Flame showcase King’s true talent—mixing genre to create a fresh sound, and in the process, redefining the conventions of hip-hop. This January, King will release his debut album, with a new single dropping every month until then. With an unbeatable flow and experimental production, Sidizen King is surely one of hip-hop’s most promising emerging artists. - Bullett Magazine

"Ears Wide Open: Sidizen King"

It appears that Los Angeles rapper Sidizen King is just getting started. Following a hip-hop cover of the EDM duo the Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” last month, and his tropically infused, uplifting “One Day” this spring, he’s back with a new single “Eye For An Eye,” a song from his forthcoming EP. Over a funky bassline and sputtering synth storm produced by Nate Pyfer, King trades off spitting verses about heartbreak at breakneck speed with The Strike‘s Chris Crabb, whose catchy and crisp falsetto helps bridge the gap between electro-pop and hip-hop. King is reminiscent of Wes Period, in that his sound is an amalgamation of different genres and influences. His flow is ever-changing and playful, while remaining distinctly his own, smoothly dropping lyrics like: “Looking back, I know the course was wrong / But at the time I had to kick it like fourth and long / I mean I shouda resisted but the force was strong / Like a thousand burning suns and like four LeBron’s.” Check it out below. - Buzzbands LA

"Premiere: SiDizen King – One Day"

The future hip hop talent crafts a stunning twist up of silky smooth flows and trop pop touches on “One Day.” An ideal song for windows down drives and sunglass shaded eyes, this young gun from Los Angeles is here to steal your attention and your girl’s heart. Expect more where this came from. Much more. - Dancing Astronaut

"Sidizen King x The Strike, “Eye For An Eye”"

Well, we found your dance track for the weekend. It’s no wonder Sidizen King has been garnering so much attention, having a track reach #1 on Hype Machine and having received play by Sirius XM. He has teamed up with pop-funk band The Strike to blend several genres – namely disco, hip-hop, and funk – into “Eye For An Eye”, a track so catchy and fun that it will stay with you immediately. We can see you prepping for a night out, jamming in the car, or dancing the night away on the dance floor to it.

So why don’t you go ahead and do all of that? - Impose Magazine


Although The Chainsmokers’ have received too many remixes to count since their ascent into dance stardom, LA’s rising hip-hop star, SIDIZEN KING, hits the nail on the head with his fresh hip-hop cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” with the help of producer casualkimono.

When most people think of covers, it’s typically an artist singing over or adding their own flair to the original work with the original’s personality still fairly prominent throughout. However, with this cover, SIDIZEN KING and casualkimono build their own hip-hop/electronic foundation and then use a distorted version of Daya’s original vocal hook and certain percussive elements. The sparing use of the original’s elements allows SIDIZEN KING’s smooth raps to shine through while fans can enjoy sing along to the catchy hook of “Don’t Let Me Down.” - Your EDM


The second single off SIDIZEN KING‘s forthcoming EP, “Eye For An Eye,” builds effortlessly from start-to-finish; led in tandem alongside The Strike‘s funky pop susceptibilities and complimented by brilliant songwriting and a smartly-crafted flow. Few have the production chops to output such a hybrid of electronic and hip hop and there’s seemingly nothing experimental here regarding their style. These guys know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going. If this were the Olympics, you’d find them on a three-tiered rostrum accepting their gold medals ascending to the highest platform. - Kick Kick Snare

"The Chainsmokers ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ receives a hip hop cover from SIDIZEN KING"

Spearheading his own original electro-rap movement, off his summertime hit “One Day,” SIDIZEN KING returns with another claim, giving The Chainsmoker’s double-plat smash a complete makeover. The rapper’s cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” is dressed with all new production from casualkimono, a young behind-the-boards talent who spent time learning his trade from Max Martin. Lush elements keep the youth-dance aesthetic in place while hip-hop takes form thanks to Sid’s flow and some inventive sampling. - Dancing Astronaut

"New Single by Sidizen King x The Strike – ‘Eye For An Eye’"

Last Friday I was sent this great new track called ‘Eye for an Eye’ from LA artist SiDizen King, and I have to admit it’s been on repeat all weekend.

It has him working with pop-funk crew The Strike as well as Nate Pyfer for his mad production skills, and together they have delivered infectious blend of nu-disco/hip-hop/funk sounds with strong nods to the legend of Michael Jackson – and it’s also the next taste of Sidizen King’s upcoming debut EP - Acid Stag


SIDIZEN KING has been on fire lately. Last time we heard a new track of his was for his mix of The Chainsmokers‘ “Don’t Let Me Down.” That track went on to reign king of the internet and received love from the Chainsmokers themselves. From his previous work, we know Sid isn’t afraid to step out of the box and on his new joint “Eye For an Eye,” he further broadens his already wide range.

It’s the Tour De France any time I handle bars bro / (It was) New years Eve, so I couldn’t drop the ball (Nope) / PYT how she had me “Off The Wall” though / (I) Swear a good girl’s hard to find like Waldo
Smooth wordplay and Buttery Instrumentals

With the help of funk band The Strike, “Eye For an Eye” has chart-topper written all over it. Sid did his best to infuse rap, pop, and funk into one hell of a song that you can’t help but get up and move to. The lyricism runs strong throughout the four minutes as Sid displays clever punchlines and wordplay. “We ain’t never working out, Like Rosie O’,” Sid raps as he divulges how this relationship is killing him yet he can’t get enough of it. Ultimately in the end, he wants to settle the score for the beating his heart has taken. The hook is absolute butter as it meanders smoothly over the Nate Pyfer produced uptempo beat. Sid has switched up his style throughout his growing career and “Eye For an Eye” is another prime example of that. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this track burst onto the airwaves with its ability for crossover play.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; SiDizen King is a guy to keep an eye out for. Don’t take our words for it? Just listen to “Eye For an Eye” below and find out for yourself: - True Too


To think it could have been a very different story for Sidizen King. He was all set to attend law school in 2014 an ACL injury forced him to defer his enrollment. Selfishly, that injury may well have been a blessing in disguise since it allowed the rapper to turn his attention towards his music career.

“One Day” is the fruits of this decision. Built on the top of a breezy beat the rapper let’s his lyrical sword loose highlighting a formidable flow and an ear for a great hook. The track should be mandatory listening at every beach party from now on and has worked it’s way to our unofficial track of the summer. - Cougar Microbes


Coming Over
Stuck in the Middle
Roll the Dice
One Day
Eye for an Eye
Don't Let Me Down



The latest talent to emerge from the music and cultural hive of Los Angeles, SIDIZEN KING arrives at the cross section of electronic and hip hop with an experimental style and hybrid sound that is destined to capture global attention. Amassing nearly two million plays in the short year since he first stepped into the booth, Sid has developed his sound in the space between the two genres with an effortless ease, brilliant songwriting and an unparalleled flow.

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