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Sidney B! & The Truth

Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Pop Funk




"“My Name is Sidney B. ; I come from the Future, this is my story…”"

The last music video of Sidney B. is simply amazing! His single “Downtown” is a groovy and catchy club anthem,that will transport you to the Future…of Pop. This video was the second most watched music video in Canada for its first week of release. Sidney B. is finishing now his debut album in Atlanta,in partnership with TeamRonnie production and the legendary promoter Ron Herbert. The 2nd chapter of the video/single (movie?!) will be released by this summer … To be continued… -

"Music videos raise the radio star at ReelWorld"

In the age of YouTube and Vimeo, music videos are in high demand. With such easy access to all of your favourite music as well as new music, it's almost a must for any artist to have a music video readily available for any fan to watch. With this in mind, the ReelWorld Film Festival (RWFF) has incorporated music videos into its lineup since inception. This year's RWFF Music Videos Program and Q&A Session boasted over 20 videos all directed by Canada's brightest talent. The music ranged from hip-hop to rock and everywhere in between (even country).

Held at the Canada Square Theatre, located in uptown Toronto, the event was programmed by Edson "Taboo" Sasso and featured a Q&A session with Canadian hip-hop icon Wes "Maestro" Williams. Classified's "Oh Canada" set things off right for the evening. Videos by Rich Kidd, Mic Boogie, JRDN, Jordan JMAN Francis, VV Brown, Nicki Minaj, Hannah Georgas ,Sidney B. and many others gave the audience a taste of what Canada can do. - Urbanology Magazine


Zero budget but 100% good music. He's French Canadian. Name is Sydney B. Directed and edited by Sidney B. "Without you" from the upcoming EP "Join My Revolution!" - available soon. I love originality and he's got it! He will do well with the Much/MTV crowd as he has that Karl Wolf flair. very smooth R&B. -


Musician, composer and singer Sidney B, who was born in France began his career with acting, which he did professionally for more than 9 years. He has appeared in numerous television films and features across Europe. He fell in love with music at an early age and always had a passion for writing. He got his start in music forming the rap group “Hors du Com’ 1.” After more than 2 years of touring in Europe and selling over 5,000 copies of their first album “Anticon-formistes.”, they disbanded. Sidney then settled down in London where he started to write in English. After a year in the British Capital, his suitcase arrived in Paris, where forged contacts in the music industry and hosted the radio program, ” Westcoastla ” on Skyrock (the biggest hip hop radio in Europe.) He has composed for numerous hip-hop artists,short film sound tracks and for theatre pieces. He also partciped in project called Armonia with the classical music composer Sebastien Damiani (over more than 500,000 copies sold). He also won the best in show award and the best emerging artist award at the European indie festival.

In 2005 he left Paris and decided to produce a solo English album. He moved to North America where he wrote many songs ,and performed in multiple prestigious shows (The Motion, Colony). At the end of 2007 he created his first music videos in his 5 month stay in Mexico City where he collaborated with numerous artists and influential producers (remix of Somebody Else by Bly.)

All the sounds he has heard during his many journeys manifest prominently in his music, he created a new style mixing R’n'B, Dance and Funk, which he calls “Future Pop”. He is currently working on his next album project and releasing music world wide through GCP / Fontana/ Universal. Check out his hot new singles “Cant Fight The Feeling” and “Revolution”. - PEACE MAGAZINE

"Sidney B "The Future pop is here!""

"What makes this next entertainer the perfect artist is that he has the whole package including talent, style, charm, good looks, passion, and an international appeal. Originally from France, Sidney B is aiming to bring to the Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap genre some French flavor. Sidney B is working hard these days and building a loyal fan base. If you want to get to know this rising superstar, check out his recent interview and hear his joyful music. Meet Sidney B ,the international smooth entertainer. Enjoy !"

Interview by Isaac Davis Jr. For Junior's

Isaac: What has been the best part of 2009 for you musically so far?

Sidney B: I did a big concert close from my home town, in south of France. It was just amazing and I worked on this event during few weeks. I was very happy with the result. It was original and funny to mix music and video screenings.

Isaac: What do you feel has been the biggest accomplishment for 2009 so far?

Sidney B: I finished my professional demo, my press kits, and my website. I guess now is my time to shine. I already have a lot a fans everywhere and good propositions to release my first album. I guess 2OO9 is the beginning of something huge!

Isaac: Describe the music scene in your area.

Sidney B: I used to live in France for a while, the type of music that works over there is French Folk and Pop. That's why I moved to North America. I always have been influenced by the North American culture. And I think here I feel more in my element.

Isaac: What has been the best venue to perform at and why?

Sidney B: I performed at the Colony in Miami, South Beach. It was just great: great interaction with the audience. At the end of the show, I invited some people in the crowd to join me on stage for a jam, it was an amazing experience.

Isaac: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in themusic industry and why?

Sidney B: I take my influences from every kind of music--Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, Electro...but I got to say that the one that made me want to be an artist is: Michael Jackson. My old sister was big fan of MJ, so when I was a kid I watched his concerts and video clips almost everyday. My goal is to be a great entertainer, like he was.

Isaac: Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music industry?

Sidney B: I really feel that I can bring something new and refreshing in the Urban Music. By mixing the Hip-Hop, the Electro and the Funk. Now the music is kind of stereotyped, when you listen the radio it's seems that everyone is copying on each others. By the fact that I'm open to every kind of music, I'm sure I'll be able to take the sound to another level. Like Daft Punk or Justice did with Electro, I wanna put an innovative French touch into the Rap Game!!

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

Sidney B: I think I would like to work with Kanye West. We got many points in common; both we compose, rap and sing. I don't know him personally, but I think he is smart guy. He tries to bring something new in each album, and he takes his influences everywhere, like I do. I think we could have a successful collaboration. But there is many other artists that I'll be glad to work with; like John legend, Jamiroquai, Busta Rhymes, Dizzee Rascal and so many more...

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Sidney B: I really don't like to put labels on my music. But if I got to describe it, it's between the Hip-Hop, Electro, R&B and Pop music. When you listen to my album, every song is different, but I think every time you can recognize the same touch.

Isaac: What type of feedback have you received from fans about your music?

Sidney B: I have to say that I have received many compliments from fans and people in the industry. Most of them didn't know me before and found me on the Internet. Lot of bands write me to make some remixes of their songs.

Isaac: Where can fans locate you at online?

Sidney B: I got a web site but it's still under construction ( Otherwise I got a nice MySpace page with some music , videos and interviews.

( Or if you wanna stay in touch with me I got a twitter (

You can write me emails, I'll be glad to hear from you guys!

Isaac: What can fans expect from you in the next five years?

Sidney B: That I'm gonna be HUGE, man!! I'm trying to find the best record deal, because I really want an international release for my first album. I think my music got a great commercial potential and I really want to spread it all around the world.

Isaac: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans…

Sidney B: First, I really want to give a big hug to my Mom, my family and my close friends in France. I miss them but they know I got to fulfill my dreams. I wanna thanks my friends and managers Howard Green and Marcel Jones in Toro - Junior s Cave


Still working on that hot first release.



Sidney B.

Born in France, currently living in the US and having traveled all over the
world–including a month living and making music with indigenous people on a small
South Pacific island– Sidney B. has explored and immersed himself in almost every
genre of music there is. From the house beats of Europe through the funk of Latin
America to the lyrical rap of the US, each area has imparted its unique music influence
on Sidney, who now brings these styles together into an irresistible pop package.
At the tender age of 25, Sidney expresses himself as not just a singer and songwriter but
as a filmmaker and artist too, but has always, in his heart, been a musician first and
foremost. Having had his first taste of the industry in a rap group named Hors du Com 1,
Sidney has since hosted radio shows in France, written soundtracks for short films and
even composed for theater.
The appreciation not just from fans but from other musicians and the music industry as a
whole has always been consistent for Sidney. From winning the Best Emerging Artist
award at the European Indie Music Festival in 2008, through working on projects with
Universal Canada and Warner Music to sharing the red carpet with Lady Gaga and Bruno
Mars at last year’s Much Music Awards in Toronto, the accolades continue to roll in with
increasing pace.
His slick, club-ready tracks are accompanied by self-directed fast paced videos, making
this artist a double threat that’s ready to take centre stage. An award-winning first single,
a full length album that’s ready to be released and a video that was the most watched
video on YouTube after a Justin Bieber track mean that Sidney B. is on the brink of
much-deserved US success–but you can be sure that he won’t stop there.