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sidney neil

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Rootsy, folky, rocky slice-of-life stuff from someone who's not just out of the cradle, but who's had a bit of experience in the bad ol' world


In and out of rock/cabaret bands throughout adult life, never thought about writing his own songs until his partner showed him a poem she'd written about a recently departed friend. He tried putting it to music as a bit of an exercise. After that, new song ideas just kept popping up, and his songwriting career was born.


Spider & the Frog

Written By: sid whiting

The Spider and the Frog

Little black spider climbing up the wall
Not very wide and not very tall
Hanging on tight ‘cos he doesn’t want to fall
Go little spider go!

A little black spider walked out one day and went for a bit of a roam
But after a while he thought “My goodness, I’m a very long way from home”
So he turned around and headed for home as fast as his legs would walk
But he hadn’t gone far when a big green frog hopped up and started to talk

The big green frog said “Hi little spider, won’t you walk with me a while?”
So they walked for a while but the spider didn’t see that the frog had a wicked smile
‘Cos the frog was hungry and he had a plan to stop him getting much thinner
That big green frog was going to trick that spider and have him for his dinner

So the big green frog said “Hey little spider, why don’t we eat together
And we can drink and talk and laugh and I’ll get to know you better
So they walked on to the green frog’s house and went into his garden
But the table was only set for one. Said the spider “I beg your pardon!

If I’m not mistaken, my life’s to be taken, I don’t like that at all”
And he turned and he ran to the bottom of the garden and started to climb the wall
Well that nasty frog threw stones at the spider and tried to make him fall
But the little black spider was brave and strong, and he hung on tight, and he grit his teeth, and he didn’t look down, and he climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed right over that wall!

Birds Fly

Written By: sid whiting

Birds Fly

Verse 1
I said birds fly, why can’t I?
They said stop your dreaming son, you’re not meant for the sky.
If you were meant to fly God would have given you wings
You’d better start to concentrate now, on sensible things.

Verse 2
All through my schooldays, I kept both feet on the ground.
‘Cos every time my thoughts took off, they just put me down.
But I recall I famous man once said he had a dream
And in my heart the ideas kept on flowing like water in a subterranean stream.

Nothing really changed when I left school and got a job
Working 9 to 5 to make a living
And people thought that I was mad if I talked about my dreams
The whole damn world was so unforgiving

Then you walked into my life
And I spread my wings for you.

Verse 3
All I ever wanted, was a lover and a friend
With a little bit of faith in me, stand by me, stand by me to the end.
But no one could believe in me, noone could understand
And still the dreams would come and go, like waves upon the sand, waves upon the sand.

But when you walked into that room like an Angel out of Heaven
You saw right through me, really blew my cover
Said you were a dreamer too, and we were gonna fly some day
And could we fly through life together following our dreams, and would I be your lover?

Then you walked into my life
And I spread my wings for you.

Innocent Child

Written By: Sid Whiting

Innocent Child
I passed a child the other day - she smiled at me and looked away
(She’s so innocent) Female backup vocals
She was maybe three years old - bright blue eyes and hair of gold
(She’s so innocent)
She had no idea of her life ahead, the trials and tribulations
Or what a sorry world this is, with wars and starving nations

As she grows up she’ll learn so much - but she’ll forget her mother’s touch
(She’s so innocent)
In a world that turns on greed and power - she’ll forget the beauty of a flower
(She’s so innocent)
As Santa Claus gives way to God and God gives way to men
And she starts smoking cigarettes, how old will she be then?

When do we lose our innocence - Lose our sense of wonder at the clouds in the sky
Why do we learn to hate our brothers - When does the child in us die

She’ll see violence on the news report – as war becomes an armchair sport
(She’s so innocent)
She’ll watch the bombs on CNN - missiles, tanks, guns and men
(She’s so innocent)

But here and now she’s just a child, staring down the years
Soon enough that angel face’ll be clouded up with tears

Lead break

But here and now she’s just a child, staring down the years
Soon enough that angel face’ll be clouded up with tears
But maybe if we treat her right with loving and protection
We can put her on the path to peace and love, heading in the right direction


No releases yet - sees himself as more writer than performer, and expects to make his millions when some international star makes number one hits out of some of his songs . . .