Sid Picou

Sid Picou

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My music is 100 percent inspired by God. Everything that i write is real and full of truth. My music is what i call testimonial rap. I speak about things I have been through in my life and how God has shown up and brought me out of each situation that I have been in.


I started rapping back in the summer of 2005. God laid it on my heart to do hip-hop, but not like normal hip-hop. Through my life I have been bound and addicted to numerous drugs and alcohol. I was a bad off addict scrounging around for change so i can get my next fix. In my music i speak about different occasions and things I have been through and then come out and show Gods glory of how he set me free from the bondage and captivity. Most artists are looking for a deal or a way they can blow up. Ill be fine if i only ever get to rap on the streets making mixtapes cuz thats what it is about. Its about those kids who all they know is the gutter life and think that it cant get any better. God gave me a purpose to shine my light of what ive been through and show how He Made A Way.


I have put out 3 mixtapes and is working on number 4 as we speak:
The Testimony Mixtape Vol.1
The Testimony Mixtape Vol.2
The Comback Mixtape

Visit me at to purchase or samle cds.

Set List

I have close in between 40-50 written and recorded songs (not counting the ones that are not in the works yet).