Sidsel Stromnes

Sidsel Stromnes


My music contains living-life-experience- lyrics. These experiences are covered with tender music from uniqe musicians who knows what life can hold for all of us once and a while. We all share the same feelings even though our stories may be different. People appriciate my sharing of music and word.


My story is my life. I am influences by Joni Mitchell most of all but also John Lennon. Their ability and braveness to put words into real life experiences and understand what really matters to people are a true inspiration to me. I am working with musicians who understand how to express my words into music which creates a powerful meeting between me and the audience. Every time! That is what makes my music special. People get touched by it and they get moved by it because they recognize their own feelings when they listen to my songs. This also means that my songs and words are timeless because feelings are timeless. People seem to hunger for music that expresses things they can relate to in their own lives. It makes me very pround to know that I make music that touches other peoples' hearts!


I released a cd in September -2008; "Beyond Amber". It is registred at Juni-09 I was performing at Rochester International Jazzfestival, one of the biggest jazzfestivals in USA. I now hold the record for most sold cd's in the Nordic festivals 3-years' history in Rochester. I know my cd is still being play at the jazzstation in Rochester, once and a while.

Set List

We play the songs from my album; "Beyond Amber" pluss some more songs planned to be part of my next cd whitch hopefully will be released within a year or so.