sid whiting

sid whiting

BandAlternativeAdult Contemporary

Eclectic, non-influenced, quirky


Lone singer/songwriter who's material reflects life-experience, except for the kids' songs which are pure imagination.


birds fly

Written By: sid whiting

Verse 1
I said birds fly, why can’t I?
They said stop your dreaming son, you’re not meant for the sky.
If you were meant to fly God would have given you wings
You’d better start to concentrate now, on sensible things.

Verse 2
All through my schooldays, I kept both feet on the ground.
‘Cos every time my thoughts took off, they just put me down.
But I recall I famous man once said he had a dream
And in my heart the ideas kept on flowing like water in a subterranean stream.

Nothing really changed when I left school and got a job
Working 9 to 5 to make a living
And people thought that I was mad if I talked about my dreams
The whole damn world was so unforgiving

Then you walked into my life
And I spread my wings for you {repeat 3 times}

Verse 3
All I ever wanted, was a lover and a friend
With a little bit of faith in me, stand by me, stand by me to the end.
But no one could believe in me, noone could understand
And still the dreams would come and go, like waves upon the sand, waves upon the sand.

But when you walked into that room like an Angel out of Heaven
You saw right through me, really blew my cover
Said you were a dreamer too, and we were gonna fly some day
And could we fly through life together following our dreams, and would I be your lover?

Then you walked into my life
And I spread my wings for you {repeat ad infinitum}