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"Producer review"

"I went to rehearse the Houston band SiennaBlu on tuesday night. The band impressed me with how tight they were. Their rehearsal work ethic was unreal, and they must have played 15 songs in an hour and a half.... I hope they want to work together, becayse they have all the talents to make a superior modern rock record"

Dan Workman, Producer - Dan Workman, Sugarhill Records

"Emergenza Festival"

SiennaBlu wrapped the night up with a passion for their music not reached with most bands. A great band with great lead and backup vocals!

Bob La Blah 12 Dec 2005 - Bob La Blah

"Music To Go USA"

"Great pure sound that has familiarity and continuity from track to track. The lyrical style is as strong as it gets and falls within traditional songwriting techniques with a hard edge performance. Smooth riffs and chorus transitions well into bridge and verse"

Bert Gagnon - Bert Gagnon

"Thank you, Keith"

"It's always nice to see new artists taking risks and following various influences. I hope you keep playing and wish you the best of luck. Thanks for listening!

Alan Parsons - Alan Parsons

"Josh Epstien"

"To be honest, this CD is very impressive...very commercial...great vocals...tons of hooks"

Josh Epstien - Strech the Skies/Vision Music, Austin, TX


First album "To the Afterglow" released in Spring of 2005 went straight to #3 on the Texas Top 40 and stayed in the top ten for 32 weeks. This CD has received worldwide airplay and is available at all major outlets. SiennaBlu has just returned from performing at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood! Sign us while you can... we are blowin' up!Download this CD at i-tunes, Yahoo! and Wal-Mart Music.
Our new CD is due to drop in the fall of '07.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In everyone’s lives there are moments that make us grieve and rejoice,
cause us to think and change… episodes that ultimately define who we are.
For SiennaBlu, sharing these stories with the listener is very important to this diverse group of musicians, and is the glue that holds this tight “family” of artists together. This group wants not just to entertain you with great music, but to create four minute “plays” with strong characters that move you to think about those defining moments in life. Powerful lyrics show the “viewer” that these changes always bring new direction to the survivor, or empowerment to the victim.
The seven members of SiennaBlu came together by complete chance, and with three generations and many influences including modern and classic rock, funk, and jazz, they have come together to produce a truly unique sound. SiennaBlu’s songwriting style is collaborative and power driven. Keith Luke’s deep lyrics and powerful voice do sweet justice to rhythm guitar/songwriter and Alan Parsons addict John Madiero’s fluid progressions. Bassman Clendell Rundles is one of the more seasoned players in the band (he opened for Earth, Wind & Fire in the late 70’s) who brings a surprisingly well fitting funk flavor to this rock group, and drummer Jamie Miller, a long time buddy of Clendell, tightens it up with a jazz- influenced funky chop. New members Eric Sachs on keys and Chyla May on vocals have brought a finishing touch! Chyla nails every note with a strong 3 octave range, and Eric’s Steely Dan influenced keyboards add tremendous depth. Finally, expect to be surprised by 16 year old lead guitar sensation Corey Miller, who has been studying guitar for only 3 years. With influences from Bach to hard rock, Corey placed in the top ten out of 600 students at the Berklee Guitar Sessions in 2005, and has written some of SiennaBlu’s new cuts. With varied influences like that, it’s bound to have a different sound.
In their new CD “To the Afterglow”, songwriter Keith Luke runs a gamut of emotion that moves the audience to appreciate the ups and downs of living and the joy and pain that life can bring. Hear a story of an abandoned teen who comes back to find after 18 years, it was not him, but his father who was “The Living Lie”.
Immerse your heart in a couple’s love that lasts a lifetime, as the haunting “I’ll Meet You There” spins a yarn of hope in a moment of great loss. In her last breath, “a whisper in the dark/ takes him away from all he knows” a man’s adoring wife promises she will meet him in the next life.
Listen to the title cut for the real reason that all of us get through the dark bits of life. From a creative angle, this tune shows us that the “Afterglow” can also be a place where only true friendship can take you… “If you got a friend then bug him/ and maybe you’ll Afterglow”. This hard-rocking track reminds the listener that the bond of true friendship is priceless and exciting, and always there, whether in good times or bad.
Sit back and give this CD a good listen... get past the cool riffs and big hooks, and dig deeper into SiennaBlu’s message. Experience so much of life through the creative minds and the unique music of this great new band!