Sienna Shores

Sienna Shores


We are a 5 piece band local to the Tampa Bay area. We have a shared passion for music like you couldn't imagine. We strive to maintain an original sound and to move as many people as we can through our music. We are currently writing our debut CD entitled, IMAGES. It should be out early 2010.


Our influences vary so much throught the band from bands like Sky Eats Airplane, Oceana, Oh Sleeper, Norma Jean to just the everyday sounds around us. We really strive to not just play music, but to influence certain emotions through the sounds we create by utilizing anything we can from feedback to delay ect. We joined together as justm five kids with nothing in their hearts but music. This is all we know and all we'll ever need. We are set apart from a lot of other bands because of our unique ambient style mixed with tech hardcore. A big thing we are known for is out stage pressence. There is never a dull moment when we're on stage.


IMAGES- Debut Self Released CD (pre-production)

Set List

2.)House of Cards
3.)Less Talk
4.)Fall of Khan
About a 30 min set